Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Go Jetz!

Some might say the Jetz! are a 1 man team. Does it really matter? 2 Games into the season and two wins says not.
Game 1 : Jetz vs Kassillan Wolves (Wood Elves)
The Elves won the toss and opted to receive. As expected a touchdown followed 2 turns later. The Jetz lined up and pushed forwards into a cage. The Orcs quickly learnt that loose cages are not a option as the wardancer kept leaping in for opportune blocks - eventually knocking down the Blitzer and freeing the ball. But a failed dodge (yes I was lucky) and the ball was back in Orc hands for a scrambled turn 8 touchdown.


Second half and we followed the same tactical plan. Cage the ball and slowly work our way down the pitch - using our fists to aide us. Still the wardancer tried leaping in...

So we eventually fell back on the trusty 9 man cage...

Whittled down their numbers and scored in turn 8. A 2-1 victory and a strength upgrade for the Blitzer who scored both touchdowns - and for his efforts won the MVP.

Next up we faced Mummies Curse. The strength 5 Tomb Guardians could out-punch my Black Orcs so I was a little worried. We kicked off and placed the ball perfectly in the opposing sides corner. They had a long slow shamble back to the line where we waited...

and waited - keeping safe distance from the guardians.

We needn't have worried. The first casualty of the evening went to Dustin Killa the black Orc who living up to his name dispatched a Guardian - forever. Can you kill the undead?

The Bun fight ensued...

With each team winning the ball but gaining no ground.

Until eventually the Orcs broke away and stalled for a turn 8 touchdown. Again the Blitzer putting the team ahead.

The second half went a bit more to plan. Get ball...

 Cage ball...

Walk to the line for a 2-0 win. Again my Blitzer got the MVP. Now a veteran player he thought his card would be marked - so he has strapped on some extra armour to be on the safe side.

2 wins in 2 games puts me safely in the top end of the table. It also meant I raised a few reddies and have been able to purchase a Troll... next up is painting the bugger...

In a previous post I mentioned 2 ideas for the troll...

Well 1 is obviously just a troll.

I'm going to strap a Jet to his back and replace the bone with a goblin ready to be hauled down the pitch. But then I still like my other idea... a Killa Kan... I didn't want just the killa kan though so again I want to mod - I have opened up the hatch. In it I'm going to place a troll like Orc... One of the arms will be robotic and have a Goblin in a Bazooka... the other will be a normal Orc/Troll arm poking out of the kan. I wanted the model to show how the Orcs are developing tech etc...

I've also got Varrag to paint up. Not that I will ever use him. My TV is already sky high with the purchase of a troll and a Blitzer with 2 stat increases.

Next up is Kev's Orcs. Can the winning streak continue?

Friday, 1 February 2013

Gang Green

Quite a suitable nick-name for my blood bowl team this year. Who'd have thought NFL names were so adaptable.

The Bite-em-all Ravens are safely packed away and it gives me great pleasure to introduce the Nu Ork Jetz a.k.a Gang Green (again - but this time finished - well almost):

As is now clear my secret centre piece is a 40k Dakka Jet. Not the original inspiration for the team but it certainly fits well. It didn't arrive till late last month so I still need to add some splashes of paint here and there - mainly a dull yellow to blend into the team. I was also going to attach a goblin hanging on for dear life from the back of a wing too.

Here are some obligatory close-ups...

I especially like my Goblin. It is a spare form the Stormboyz kit. A Gretchin really but with a few mods here and there with spare plastic blood bowl models (points for guessing what) he makes the perfect Gobbo. He has a jet pack on his pack which again fits the theme. Ok so it would be useful to have a troll to hurl him across the pitch but that's another project using a killa-can kindly donated by RichT.
It was really the stormboyz which ignited by imagination when constructing the team. Here they are:

The Jets are removable for normal play.
So with the Goblin, 4 Stormboyz there are 4 Black Orcs, 2 Throwers, 4 Linemen, 3 markers:

And 1 star player, Ripper - again a converted Nob from 40k (the guy with the massive chainsaw):

Not a bad months work. Time to kick some Elf butt. See you on the pitch.