Friday, 18 January 2013

Dakka dakka dakka

Just a quick update. Da Nu Ork Jetz are progressing well. I have completed 4 Blitzers, 2 throwers and 2 linemen. On course for completing the team for the 3rd Feb.

This is the look I'm going for (colours to match my avatar):

This is one of the Stormboyz with grafted hands form the Blood Bowl 3rd edition Orc Blitzer. I've still got the jet packs to complete but I'm trying to figure out a way to make them removable for the games as they might get in the way. 
Next up though are the Black Orcs. Here they are base-coated and inked. Just need a few highlights and then they are also complete.

I was also wondering what I could use as turn, score and re-roll markers. I was thinking as using the removable jetz from the Stormboyz. But then Kieron's suggesting to use an Epic Gargant for a troll got me thinking... how about some Epic Dakka Jetz (We are THE JETZ after all)... so I hit ebay (picked up 6 Ork Bommers, 3 imperial wings and a massive flying fortress thingy for a cheaphammer price)... here they are undercoated and ready to paint. 

The base of each model will have "Strike/ On da targit", "Circalin" and "Bomming Runz" written on them to refect what they mark.


  1. I like these!

    About the removeable jetpacks, I think magnets are your friend there.

    1. Yeah thats the plan... I just need to think about drilling a suitable hole to countersink the magnet into the jet pack and worry it'll ruin it... split the plastic etc... only 1 way to find out I guess!

  2. Well, I used magnets when building my valkyrie to allow the weapons to be changed. I found that if you use a manual drill and go slowly, you're generally fine since you have more control over how deep you make the hole.

    I actually find it more difficult to keep the two magnets the right way round when glueing them in place - I should get some plastic tweezers for that really!