Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Go Jetz!

Some might say the Jetz! are a 1 man team. Does it really matter? 2 Games into the season and two wins says not.
Game 1 : Jetz vs Kassillan Wolves (Wood Elves)
The Elves won the toss and opted to receive. As expected a touchdown followed 2 turns later. The Jetz lined up and pushed forwards into a cage. The Orcs quickly learnt that loose cages are not a option as the wardancer kept leaping in for opportune blocks - eventually knocking down the Blitzer and freeing the ball. But a failed dodge (yes I was lucky) and the ball was back in Orc hands for a scrambled turn 8 touchdown.


Second half and we followed the same tactical plan. Cage the ball and slowly work our way down the pitch - using our fists to aide us. Still the wardancer tried leaping in...

So we eventually fell back on the trusty 9 man cage...

Whittled down their numbers and scored in turn 8. A 2-1 victory and a strength upgrade for the Blitzer who scored both touchdowns - and for his efforts won the MVP.

Next up we faced Mummies Curse. The strength 5 Tomb Guardians could out-punch my Black Orcs so I was a little worried. We kicked off and placed the ball perfectly in the opposing sides corner. They had a long slow shamble back to the line where we waited...

and waited - keeping safe distance from the guardians.

We needn't have worried. The first casualty of the evening went to Dustin Killa the black Orc who living up to his name dispatched a Guardian - forever. Can you kill the undead?

The Bun fight ensued...

With each team winning the ball but gaining no ground.

Until eventually the Orcs broke away and stalled for a turn 8 touchdown. Again the Blitzer putting the team ahead.

The second half went a bit more to plan. Get ball...

 Cage ball...

Walk to the line for a 2-0 win. Again my Blitzer got the MVP. Now a veteran player he thought his card would be marked - so he has strapped on some extra armour to be on the safe side.

2 wins in 2 games puts me safely in the top end of the table. It also meant I raised a few reddies and have been able to purchase a Troll... next up is painting the bugger...

In a previous post I mentioned 2 ideas for the troll...

Well 1 is obviously just a troll.

I'm going to strap a Jet to his back and replace the bone with a goblin ready to be hauled down the pitch. But then I still like my other idea... a Killa Kan... I didn't want just the killa kan though so again I want to mod - I have opened up the hatch. In it I'm going to place a troll like Orc... One of the arms will be robotic and have a Goblin in a Bazooka... the other will be a normal Orc/Troll arm poking out of the kan. I wanted the model to show how the Orcs are developing tech etc...

I've also got Varrag to paint up. Not that I will ever use him. My TV is already sky high with the purchase of a troll and a Blitzer with 2 stat increases.

Next up is Kev's Orcs. Can the winning streak continue?

Friday, 1 February 2013

Gang Green

Quite a suitable nick-name for my blood bowl team this year. Who'd have thought NFL names were so adaptable.

The Bite-em-all Ravens are safely packed away and it gives me great pleasure to introduce the Nu Ork Jetz a.k.a Gang Green (again - but this time finished - well almost):

As is now clear my secret centre piece is a 40k Dakka Jet. Not the original inspiration for the team but it certainly fits well. It didn't arrive till late last month so I still need to add some splashes of paint here and there - mainly a dull yellow to blend into the team. I was also going to attach a goblin hanging on for dear life from the back of a wing too.

Here are some obligatory close-ups...

I especially like my Goblin. It is a spare form the Stormboyz kit. A Gretchin really but with a few mods here and there with spare plastic blood bowl models (points for guessing what) he makes the perfect Gobbo. He has a jet pack on his pack which again fits the theme. Ok so it would be useful to have a troll to hurl him across the pitch but that's another project using a killa-can kindly donated by RichT.
It was really the stormboyz which ignited by imagination when constructing the team. Here they are:

The Jets are removable for normal play.
So with the Goblin, 4 Stormboyz there are 4 Black Orcs, 2 Throwers, 4 Linemen, 3 markers:

And 1 star player, Ripper - again a converted Nob from 40k (the guy with the massive chainsaw):

Not a bad months work. Time to kick some Elf butt. See you on the pitch.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Dakka dakka dakka

Just a quick update. Da Nu Ork Jetz are progressing well. I have completed 4 Blitzers, 2 throwers and 2 linemen. On course for completing the team for the 3rd Feb.

This is the look I'm going for (colours to match my avatar):

This is one of the Stormboyz with grafted hands form the Blood Bowl 3rd edition Orc Blitzer. I've still got the jet packs to complete but I'm trying to figure out a way to make them removable for the games as they might get in the way. 
Next up though are the Black Orcs. Here they are base-coated and inked. Just need a few highlights and then they are also complete.

I was also wondering what I could use as turn, score and re-roll markers. I was thinking as using the removable jetz from the Stormboyz. But then Kieron's suggesting to use an Epic Gargant for a troll got me thinking... how about some Epic Dakka Jetz (We are THE JETZ after all)... so I hit ebay (picked up 6 Ork Bommers, 3 imperial wings and a massive flying fortress thingy for a cheaphammer price)... here they are undercoated and ready to paint. 

The base of each model will have "Strike/ On da targit", "Circalin" and "Bomming Runz" written on them to refect what they mark.

Friday, 4 January 2013


Did you miss me?....
maybe I should have realised a long time ago no-body actually reads this. Or do you? Anyway, I've decided to try and get back into wargamming. Yes it was a short break of months rather than years... so its more like finding the time again. Its been a rather busy time, new scanners at work, tutoring at home, kids running riot... but new year (happy one btw) and such means a new start... and it's blood bowl that has dragged me back. I purchased some models ages ago for the new season. They have been collecting dust... no more.

To keep inside standard naming convention, may I introduce:

Yep after my disastrous season with the vampires in 2012 I'm licking my wounds and choosing an easy team to roll with (that's condemned me to a second wooden spoon I guess). I have decided that my challenge for this season will instead be to make a rather fetching customised team... hence I'm mixing 40k and Fantasy in creating the Jetz.
It's all centred around my Blitzers... with Jetz sellotaped to their backs! Yes I'm using Stormboyz - with a few modifications (removing weapons, changing bases etc). 
The Black Orcs are heavily armoured fantasy mods (weaponless etc).
My throwers and linemen are modified Nobz. Lets face it the blood bowl Orcs have always been horrendous. Using more uptodate models can only be a plus. To keep that blood bowl feel I'll be splicing on arms from the plastic Blood Bowl 3rd edition miniatures. Ouch. You can just see the new throwers in the background here:
My initial team will be Troll-less... and I'd like to say I'm saving that model as a surprise but in reality I haven't actually got around to buying and making him! Any ideas? I'm currently torn between a few ideas.
The 2013 season starts on 3rd Feb. That gives me 1 month to make the team and paint them to my usual standard. It's 12 miniatures minimum so sounds possible at this point. I'll keep you posted...