Thursday, 30 August 2012


My final post for the month.This month my target was to paint the figurines from the Fantasy Flight game Mansions of Madness. These were a Birthday present for a friend. 10 models in all and all very different from Elves!

We are planning on playing Mansions of Madness tomorrow so expect some 'in action' photos early in September. Back to something for me [Warhammer]... I wanted to complete 3 more shadow warriors to take my High Elf skirmish unit to a unit strength of 10.

This left me with a little time to get some extras done. I did plan on painting an Eagle to use as a rare choice for my army. I never got around to stripping the eagle models (another EBay purchase with a horrific paint job). Instead I have started a project which has laid dormant for several years. I've been keeping it secret, keeping it safe (mainly until I was confident enough to do a decent paint job). But just like the eye of Sauron it has been ever present in my conscious forcing me to take up the challenge:

I want to take my time of these miniatures as I plan to display this in our ornament cupboard at home (the Memsaab doesn't know this yet). After several years of storage under the bed it has suffered some minor damage. The 'F' in Fellowship is chipped and so is Sting (Frodo's sword). So as my extra for August I've already started painting it but with the above points in mind I'm going to make this part of my goal for September to. For now I have just completed the base...

I fixed the F with a tiny bit of wood and glue. Lots of greys here (they are in the Mines of Moria after all).

And I am even taking up extra free marketing for Games Workshop.

I've also base-coated Legolas and Gandalf.

There is a lot more detail in the base than one might realise (once the fellowship is removed). Here are some obligatory close-ups.

With that I'm done. That leaves 7 members of the fellowship to paint and 2 to complete. Not much for September but I am on Holiday for 1 week, have a research collaboration which will swallow another week. And as if that wasn't enough to swallow my gaming.painting time I am also taking up private tuition. Well if all you (looking at Lee especially) can teach... how hard can it be. Let the insults fly.

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