Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Lle maa quel

I have now based and so finished the other 5 Mansions of Madness miniatures:

They are now ready to pass back to my friend and we are playing Mansions on the 31st so expect some nice pictures of the models in action early next month.

With just under 2 weeks of august painting time remaining I thought I would move back to the Elves. I'm still avoiding the other 15 Phoenix Guard. Instead I wanted to make my unit of shadow warriors larger. Another 3 warriors will give me a possible unit strength of 10. These are the older models but I think they still look great. Here they are undercoated:

and with the base coat and inks applied:

Not much left to do on them. Probably another 2 nights work then I might (just might) squeeze in an eagle.

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