Friday, 10 August 2012

Caela ie'lle

I've been a busy boy. I have now completed 5 of the Mansions of Madness miniatures I started

This involved highlights and fine detail (the eyes are so tiny on these models).

I then had to consider how to base these figures. The story goes that they are investigators exploring something horrific in a spooky mansion. So it would seem apt to have some room details on the bases... but then this would make them room specific... i.e. some rooms have carpet, some are wooden boards... the occasional lab type flooring... in fact the only consistent 'room' would be the garden boards from which these investigations start. With that in mind I stuck to trusty old grass. I think the green helps as a spot colour here:

I did want to do these guys justice with a photo shoot on said board piece but after having an enjoyable game of Lord of the Rings the Living card game I totally forgot and subsequently passed the models on to my friend. You will have to wait till months end (when we next play Mansions of Madness) for that image.

Anyway, with the first 5 complete it was time to move on and base coat the next lot.

I have just finished inking them... so all that's left is highlights, fine detail and basing.

Should have plenty of time to do some Elves at this rate. Can you tell I'm not into the Olympics?

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