Thursday, 30 August 2012


My final post for the month.This month my target was to paint the figurines from the Fantasy Flight game Mansions of Madness. These were a Birthday present for a friend. 10 models in all and all very different from Elves!

We are planning on playing Mansions of Madness tomorrow so expect some 'in action' photos early in September. Back to something for me [Warhammer]... I wanted to complete 3 more shadow warriors to take my High Elf skirmish unit to a unit strength of 10.

This left me with a little time to get some extras done. I did plan on painting an Eagle to use as a rare choice for my army. I never got around to stripping the eagle models (another EBay purchase with a horrific paint job). Instead I have started a project which has laid dormant for several years. I've been keeping it secret, keeping it safe (mainly until I was confident enough to do a decent paint job). But just like the eye of Sauron it has been ever present in my conscious forcing me to take up the challenge:

I want to take my time of these miniatures as I plan to display this in our ornament cupboard at home (the Memsaab doesn't know this yet). After several years of storage under the bed it has suffered some minor damage. The 'F' in Fellowship is chipped and so is Sting (Frodo's sword). So as my extra for August I've already started painting it but with the above points in mind I'm going to make this part of my goal for September to. For now I have just completed the base...

I fixed the F with a tiny bit of wood and glue. Lots of greys here (they are in the Mines of Moria after all).

And I am even taking up extra free marketing for Games Workshop.

I've also base-coated Legolas and Gandalf.

There is a lot more detail in the base than one might realise (once the fellowship is removed). Here are some obligatory close-ups.

With that I'm done. That leaves 7 members of the fellowship to paint and 2 to complete. Not much for September but I am on Holiday for 1 week, have a research collaboration which will swallow another week. And as if that wasn't enough to swallow my gaming.painting time I am also taking up private tuition. Well if all you (looking at Lee especially) can teach... how hard can it be. Let the insults fly.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Lle maa quel

I have now based and so finished the other 5 Mansions of Madness miniatures:

They are now ready to pass back to my friend and we are playing Mansions on the 31st so expect some nice pictures of the models in action early next month.

With just under 2 weeks of august painting time remaining I thought I would move back to the Elves. I'm still avoiding the other 15 Phoenix Guard. Instead I wanted to make my unit of shadow warriors larger. Another 3 warriors will give me a possible unit strength of 10. These are the older models but I think they still look great. Here they are undercoated:

and with the base coat and inks applied:

Not much left to do on them. Probably another 2 nights work then I might (just might) squeeze in an eagle.

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


Highlighted the final 5 Mansions of Madness miniatures. Just the bases to complete tonight and then I am done. Until I get passed some of the monsters! Gulp!

Friday, 10 August 2012

Caela ie'lle

I've been a busy boy. I have now completed 5 of the Mansions of Madness miniatures I started

This involved highlights and fine detail (the eyes are so tiny on these models).

I then had to consider how to base these figures. The story goes that they are investigators exploring something horrific in a spooky mansion. So it would seem apt to have some room details on the bases... but then this would make them room specific... i.e. some rooms have carpet, some are wooden boards... the occasional lab type flooring... in fact the only consistent 'room' would be the garden boards from which these investigations start. With that in mind I stuck to trusty old grass. I think the green helps as a spot colour here:

I did want to do these guys justice with a photo shoot on said board piece but after having an enjoyable game of Lord of the Rings the Living card game I totally forgot and subsequently passed the models on to my friend. You will have to wait till months end (when we next play Mansions of Madness) for that image.

Anyway, with the first 5 complete it was time to move on and base coat the next lot.

I have just finished inking them... so all that's left is highlights, fine detail and basing.

Should have plenty of time to do some Elves at this rate. Can you tell I'm not into the Olympics?

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Asca melloneamin

Base coat on the first five complete. Lots of Brown and black. Highlights, fine detail and bases to complete. More soon.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Mani naa lle umien?

In a complete change if direction this month i'll be painting the character models from the fantasy flight board game: Mansions of Madness. No Elves here just investigators from a cthulhu based horror game.

I don't actually own the game... But a friend does and for his Birthday I said I would give painting them a try. he actually has the Fantasy Flight premium painted models so it will be a nice compare and contrast. He can then sell the ones he doesn't like on E-Bay.

He handed over 10 miniatures... Some from the base game and some from the Alchamy expansion. I have decided to tackle them in groups of 5, grouping them based on base colours.