Friday, 6 July 2012

Yala onna

On the painting table this month:

So that's the Prince and Griffon from the Island of Blood set (I might just complete the miniatures before Games Workshop release the 9th edition of Warhammer), there is also 3 pieces of scenery, Teclis and a random Steggadon... or is it... more on that later.

I also needed some new paints so a quick stop at the Wargames emporium and I'm re-stocked. I had to buy 2 washes to replace my Orgyn Flesh wash... as Reikland Flesh wash looks a little too red to me... so I got some earthshade also. I'll see which I prefer. The conversion chart from the old paint names to the new is totally useless. Scorched brown is much lighter than Hide... oh well. Not really eleven colours I'll admit but I have another project I'm working on for Christmas which I'll start next month.

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