Friday, 20 July 2012

Ela sen

Another mega busy month has delayed my availability to post on my blog, but I finally have a chance to catch up. Two weeks ago I played my battle for the second month of my Warhammer campaign Maelstrom of Dread. There I was happily applying pressure on to some Bretonnian scum (that's not very Elf like is it) and up pops (tunnelling out of the ground) an army of the Empire. We played a 2500 point battle and not having time to redo my army list I fielded the same army I did against the Skaven bar a few exceptions. I took the lore of metal (to get his knights) and death (to snipe at his commanders). My prince was the general for the battle. I thought it would go horribly wrong again (the same army and all). But it didn't.

We rolled the Watchtower Scenario and although the Empire had garrisoned the tower I would get first strike. (n.b. amazingly when setting the scene we did roll for the Elven waystone!)

Facing all that gun-powder was not a great plan for my Sword Masters so they quickly hid in a nearby sanctuary. Matt (my opponent) had quite a wide front line so my Shadow warriors had to pounce on the volley gun from the safety of the sanctuary (thanks to their scout ability). My Silver Helms held back to see what the Knights if the Empire would do. I was also a little wary of that giant Steam Tank. The Seaguard attempted a charge but failed... the pistoliers let rip and 3 elves fell. The Empire advanced to support their comrades in the tower. It looked like the sea guard had their work cut out. Especially as those outriders had repeating pistols.

I tried some magic, buffing up the sea guard and then trying to put as many hexes on the pistoliers as possible... but the only spell I cast couldn't reduce the armour of those pistoliers in the tower... it was already 0! Some luck came my way when the Empire Cannon mis-fired and blew up.

Now things get blurry... not my memory, the photos. Silly iPhone optics.

The outriders ran around my garrisoned Sword masters and started harassing my Bolt Thrower. However, Matt made a mistake. Rather than rushing in for hand to hand, he tried to whittle me down by shooting... it didn't work and eventually my Bolt Thrower was able to see off the attack with some return fire, albeit with very few wounds remaining.

The battle on the left flank wasn't going as well. As the giant steam tank shot forwards I learnt it had 10 wounds. Time to flee. A tiny wooden arrow wouldn't even scratch that thing. Behind the Tank 2 units of Knights were bearing down on me. The Silver Helm charged the more Elite Knights and following the successful charge, Speed of Asyrian and the use of the Battle Banner ran the entire unit down.

But by now my sea guard had done their job and taken the tower. Now they just had to hold it. Time to cast Glittering robes and give them a ward save. It was all about making them survive.

This attracted the attention of the Steam Tank and allowed my fleeing archers to reform.

The archers still had the Knights to face, so it was time to unleash some magic. I turned three Knights into gold (unfortunately not the army general. A few gold Knights went totally un-noticed with no Empire units in range suffering stupidity. They had only one thing on their mind; Elf Blood.

Subsequently the Empire Knights charged into my archers and I don't think i need to comment on the outcome of that particular battle.

Then Matt made his second mistake. Knowing that my Sea guard weren't the best unit to hold the tower I was slowly marching my Sword Masters from the sanctuary to reinforce them (well the more likely event was to use them to re-take the tower when the Sea Guard broke). This obviously worried Matt (after hearing fables of my great swords) and he turned his large infantry block to face their advance.

On turn 4 I was ready to charge the Sword Masters at the large unit of free company. I also had my shadow warriors in a position to charge their flank and better still my unit of Silver Helms had reformed and marched in also.

Ready to charge at the outriders flank. If they were to flee it would enable me to re-direct the charge into the rear of the foot soldiers. A real pincer movement. Turns out we would miss out on the action. A 6 was rolled (after a contested cocked 5) and the battle was won. The spectators were appalled with this cheeky Win, but in fairness I had only lost 10 archers (110 points) to Matt's Cannon, Volley Gun, Elite Knights, Outriders and pistoliers. The Elves won fair and square and hold the territory for the campaign. Neither side lost their general so nothing much eventful really happened with the post battle rolls.

Now all I have to do is update the campaign. It's slipped a little as we have been waiting for the Skaven V Dwarf battle. There is also call to open up the campaign for more battles... so watch this space with interest.

On the painting side, things this month are progressing well. The Griffon and Teclis are done. I have the Stegadon to highlight and just the scenery to paint to meet my targets.

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