Monday, 30 July 2012


Another month and another lot of Elves (well 2 elves). This month I met my target. The target was Teclis, 1 Prince riding a Griffon, a Steggadon and a few more bits of scenery. 

I spent a while on Teclis trying to add some finer detailing. I hand painted the flames onto his skirt to match the Phoenix Guard I painted. There is also some red (go faster stripes) detailing on his cloak.

I also customised the base to make him a little more prominent. The rock was a nice find in the garden. A quick black under-coat and then I painted it to look like a rock... it always feels wrong but somehow works better.

We then move onto the Griffon:

Pretty chuffed with the Griffon's face and leopard spots. It's always rewarding when your 4 year old can tell what you were trying to paint. "Daddy this bit is a leopard, this bit is a bird. That's silly". I plan to use this in a more aerial based High Elf army. It's difficult to see on this picture but the base includes a High Elf shield cleaved with a Black Orc axe... as the prince doesn't seem to be holding one I thought this would increase my points options.

Departing from the High Elves I also completed a Steggadon. This is the old metal miniature I purchased on Ebay. Weighs a ton but luckily has a slow centre of gravity so is unlikely to fly around in storage. When it arrived it had a rather poor green paint-job. I wanted it to be red so had to strip and start all over again.

 The model came with a skink crew but I didn't want to use those. The beast will be used during storm of magic games (as a bound creature) and may pop up in the Maelstrom of Dread campaign (which if we remember revolves around the return of the Slann to the Dragon isles. Not much to say here. More custom basing with rock painted rocks. As the dino doesn't really have any fine detailing, for a nice spot colour (I think that's the role of the skinks), I added some blue and yellow flowers to the base to attract the eye.

Last but not least is the scenery. Old Lord of the Rings stuff that I painted to look slightly elven... i.e. a nice sand colour. Not much else to say really. At least these are moulds (rather than real rocks) that  needed painting rock colour.

So with that I'm done and ready for scoring. Except it seems most of the others have been doing sensible things like going on Holiday rather than painting. Mind I bet i still come second... somehow.

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  1. Nice work but it seems a productive month has been wasted vs a load of nothing! Still you can bathe in the warm glow of success while the rest of us play catch up.

    Just one thing I'd use a matt varnish on the dino as personally I reckon it looks much better.