Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Rima ten'ta!

Sunday saw my first battle of the Warhammer campaign I am running ( It was an army led by my level 4 archmage against a Skaven army led by an un-named Grey-Seer. The Skaven had tunnelled deep into my territory so in some sense this was a must win game if I didn't want to lose positioning on the campaign map. It was a 2500 point straight battle.

The first thing I noticed was how horrendously outnumbered I was. This gave me a high chance of starting first as my deployment would definitely finish first. This was the first use of my Shadow warriors and I really wanted to use their scout ability to take out the Skaven Plasma Cannon. However after deployment it became quite clear this wasn't going to happen as the Skaven had so many units I couldn't physically set the scouts up behind the enemy line to attack the war machine (they have to be 12" from any enemy). Instead I had to use them to take out the Skaven Assassin which was trying to do the same to my Bolt Thrower.

I set up my Sea Guard with Nienna (my level 4 archmage) centre table in their usual 2*14 lineup. The sword Masters joined them. The silver helms and archers made my right flank, while the Bolt Thrower, a second unit of archers and the shadow warriors were on the left. As predicted I started.

The Shadow warriors easily took down the assassin. My Sword Masters rushed forward to the safety of the Trees to tackle the Gutter Runners. I kept the silver Helms back for 1 turn, probably a mistake but I was scared by how fast Skaven are.

My other units remained stationary and unleashed a hail or arrows. A few clan rats fell but nothing much. I managed to pull off a few augment spells though to support the Sea Guard and Sword Masters.

The Skaven turn and they advanced on my position. The Gutter runners were harassing my Sword masters using skirmish to dance around me and throw knives in my back. I managed to use the excellent High elf ability to dispel to ward of any Skaven magic attempts.

But then things started to go wrong. My Silver Helms failed a charge leaving them prey to a unit of rat ogres. The Skaven seemed weary of my Knights though and instead retaliated against the archers, who were easily cut down trying to flee (sorry for the really blurry photos from the iphone).

The gutter runners continued to annoy my sword masters and eventually killed enough for them to start running for the hills.

Amazingly this panicked my sea guard and they started running too.

I wasn't worried though as with such leadership they would probably reform and be ready to take a skaven charge. My Silver Helms were now happily slamming into the side of some Plague Monks but the stubborn rule really hurts me and they were left in combat for quite a while as we slowly whittled down their number.

Then disaster... I didn't notice the Skaven Grey Seer break away from the unit it was in and use the fact that my Archmage was running to cast the dreaded 13th spell (curse of the horned rat). Not that my running archmage made a difference as the skaven through every dice into it and cast it with irresistible force. 4D6 models were mutilated as the Grey Seer tried to mutate them into clan rats. I lost 20 of the 28 sea guard. Ouch!

With that the game was pretty much over. The rats horded around my Bolt Thrower and archers, destroying them. My reformed sword Masters kept getting bullied by the Gutter Runners and my sea Guard eventually ran off the table (after reformed, taking a charge and breaking again). The only useful unit was the Shadow Warriors who like the gutter runners started to run rings around the unit of clan rats of the far left. Eventually charging and seeing the unit off. But with high losses to every other unit and my general fleeing off the board to safety I conceded.

Losing that game probably meant I would lose control of a hex in my empire. But the Skaven were cowardly and scurried back into their tunnels, unable to face the retribution from the Elves I guess.

I other campaign news I did manage to take a hex close to the Bretonnian border, but now have an Undead army breathing down my neck. Lets see what turn 2 brings. You can follow the action on the Maelstrom of Dread blog I'm writing.

Tomorrow this blog is 1 year old. It's been a fun year. No doubt I'll post something reflective tomorrow. It did get me thinking though... and I have gone retro and started to paint a old archer to see how it compares to that photo on my very first blog post.

You will notice the Chariot wheels above. When I was moving my army to play the campaign game I dropped it. There were quite a few casualties including my chariots. Time to get the glue out.

I'm also adding another customised Prince and the mage from the Island of Blood set to my targets for June.

The funny for today... I just noticed 'blog' isn't in the spell check dictionary on blogger... oops.

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