Saturday, 30 June 2012


I told you it could take a while...

Here is my final post for the month. I've managed to complete 7 shadow warriors, 5 Phoenix Guard, 1 Mage, 1 Hero, 1 old style Archer and my extra for the month was a fallen statue to act as a bit of scenery.

I'm writing this on the iOS app so I can't order the pictures. I'm pretty pleased with the cloaks on the Phoenix Guard. And the face on the Mage... And maybe his orb... Well I'm pleased with everything really! ;)


  1. The flames on those cloaks are fantastic. Where did you get the transfers?


  2. Okay, who are you and what have you done with Aneurin? Lol

    For a man who claimed he couldn't paint a year ago, you don't seem to be doing to badly now... ;)

  3. I think having the blog and the targets has really helped me improve my painting. I found an archer I did around April last year... he was just missing the fiune detail highlights... I really think adding those brings the models to life...

  4. You have definitely improved. Either that or your potoshopping has :-p