Wednesday, 30 May 2012


Been rather busy this month. My wife's birthday, my youngest's first birthday, my mom's birthday, then a business trip to Leipzig all limited my painting time.

The aim was to complete some scenery for Legends of the Old West. Here is how I got on:

So thats a dry goods store, town gate and a water tower. The later were hand made from bits of wood, card and coffee stirrers.

I also said I would try and complete a mounted Sheriff. I just have a few highlights and the base left to do but otherwise he is complete. I got a little side tracked with my bonus for the month, a poker table and gambler:

Pretty pleased with the tiny cards and cash on the table. And the shading on the bottle.

I tried out some weathered wood effects for the gate and store. Seemed to work well. There is a longhorn steer skull on the gate. Also the town sign (hand painted) is interchangable so my posse doesn't have to come from Deadwood.
A few more views:

So thats it. Not many Elves done this month. I'll be heading back to Ulthuan next month as the Maelstrom of Dread campaign gets going. I have my first battle against Skaven this Sunday! Wish me luck. I'll need it.

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  1. As ever excellent point jobs. I like the scenery too.
    Good luck against the infested furry ones. Can bows fire poison pellets?