Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Kwentra lye i'narn

Here starts the tale of the Maelstrom of Dread:

I went for a GW'esque cliched title...The light was blinding; a beacon in the long forgotten dead lands of the world, a catalyst of doom. Although the increased magic flux at the vortex was warning enough, reports from the city of spires made word in Ulthuan some 4 days later. The council met and dispatched a fleet immediately to make haste for the Dragon isles while messengers left with speed to communicate this old world peril with the Empire.

Fear rode upon the old battle hardened Elven hearts. Only the return of the Slann Mage priests could generate such vast changes in the winds, and it seemed beyond the power of the mightiest archmages of Ulthuan to stop this re-balance of power. Eleven, Dwarf and Human Scouts alike traversed the main land desperate to find the path to the isles. For miles around all one could hear were primal roars. The isles were awakening. What had been uncovered on those fog veiled isles?

As the eleven fleet approached the Sea of Dread a storm to rule them all eclipsed the mapped world. The waters twisted and toiled as if a maelstrom the size of the Empire was upon it. Darkness fell upon the fearful fleet. It was forced to skirt the main land and find shelter from the storm. The rest of the journey would have to be made on foot.

Could it be possible? The raw magical power required to generate a maelstrom of this magnitude had never been known in this life. It would open a gate to the Chaos relam not seen since the time of Aenarion.

Unbeknown to the High elves the other mighty races of the world also marched forward to the Dragon isles; some to stop this madness, some to harness it.

This is the start of my Warhammer campaign. I have completed the map and am just waiting for players to declare their start locations. As to not clog up this blog I'm going to create a 2nd covering this campaign. I'll put a link here once I have set this up.

So with a lot of my time swallowed up getting the campaign running smoothly this month I going to set my painting targets relatively low. I'm going to work on some scenery for Legends of the Old West. I have a Perry Miniature store (a kind Birthday present from the club) to build and paint. I'm also going in for a bit of DIY and making a water tower and gate post. I'll put some pictures up of my raw materials soon.

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