Monday, 21 May 2012

Iire lle auta?

In about 3 hours. Yep I'm off on my travels again. Updating my blog from the waiting lounge.

Preparing for this work trip to leipzig is my excuse for not updating this much this month. Well that and running a warhammer campaign for wargames fc. It can be hard work being a GM. The maelstrom of dread blog is now live:

Sat here waiting for the gate to open has finally given me the chance to try out the blogger app for my painting blog. Let's hope it works.

So my aim for the month was some old west scenery...

There was the store I got for my birthday. That's now built and painted and just needs some weathering effects.

I have also been raiding McDonald's for wooden planks, aka coffee stirrers. These have been used to create a drum...

No I'm not changing hobbies and getting into music. This is going to be a water tower.

It'll be held up by some other wooden legs. The spare cuts on that pine strip will be used to make the town gate.

If I get around to it... And given the time I will have left when I return on Friday I doubt I will... I will finish this mounted Wyatt Earp from Dixon miniatures.

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