Saturday, 28 April 2012


Another month down and more camera woes... I left my only card reader at work so I had to roll back to using the iphone. Not a great camera but hey... This month I completed all my targets, starting with the 6 miniatures for legends of the old west. Here are 3 upstanding citizens:

And 3 cowboys:

The keen eyed observer will notice a) the bases and b) the railway track in the background. I painted 4 sections of straight track.

Here it is in a little more detail (the iphone letting me down for the close-up here):

The other main target this month was completion of my 4 point Welsh war band for Saga. I needed 4 mounted Teulu, and here they are:

Shields are hand painted to look worn (no transfers here). As these were riders of Rohan I had a small amount of conversion to do. They all had bows and arrows strapped to their backs. The bow was filed off and replaced with a spear if needed. The Quiver was a little more difficult to deal with. Luckily 2 models had empty quivers... with that in mind I converted the other 2 into javelin carrying satchels. The idea being my Teulu would take more than 1 'thowing' weapon into battle. The 2 riders with empty satchels have just used all their javelins (and helps explain why the guy on the right was drawn his sword!):

The horses got the same care and attention as the main models. Here is a close up of said detail:

You have already seen my 8 Priodaur... here they are again:

Again all Shields hand painted copying designs from little big men studios transfers. So with those complete here is my entire 4 point war band:

And as if all that painting wasn't enough I have been beavering away on my Warhammer campaign. I count that as my extra for the month. I won't bore you with the rule pack... but here is the photoshopped map.

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