Monday, 2 April 2012

Mae'r Caboose Little Red Tu ôl y Trên

I've been making purchases on eBay again. This time some Old West Scenery: 

Thought this could be used in some imaginative old west scenarios. The scale is appropriate for 28mm figures, and it only cost me £7.99. A bargain I couldn't resist. If it survives the clutches of my 3 year old son (he has already had it out the box 3 times since it arrived 3 days ago and broken a bit off the little red caboose at the back) I will of course paint and modify it (it's actually battery powered, the motor and batteries are housed in the engine room so it will need to be gutted so a driver can fit in), but probably not this month. This month I really need to get my SAGA warband completed. Here is what's on the painting tray:

8 Welsh Priodaur (far right), 4 Welsh mounted Teulu (well Riders of Rohan really - or Alan's as Matt calls them), 6 Old West miniatures, and shed loads of railway track from the above train set. This forms the target for the month.

As can be seen I managed to do a bit last night. I started on the track so I could use it as a test model for painting the dried-out wood for the western buildings. Here is the result:

Not a great picture on the iPhone but I think it works well. Dark brown, light brown, then a dry brush of Bleached Bone and Codex Gray. I finished it off with a few dabs of Snot green to act as moss...

I also managed to get these 3 upstanding citizens painted. Just a few more highlights and the bases to complete here.

Oh and I roped myself in writing a Warhammer campaign...

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