Thursday, 12 April 2012

Felly, mae'r rhain yn trosglwyddiadau neu beintio â llaw?

I had organised a game of SAGA tonight to test out my Welsh warband. This meant hitting the painting table heavy as I tried to get 8 Priodaur and 4 mounted Teulu completed for the game (and Loki's campaign) so I could field a fully painted 4 point warband.

Then on Tuesday I realised I had committed the ultimate faux pas in that Thursday (tonight) is actually the 12th of April. My Wedding Anniversary. I had to cancel... the gaming that is, or face the wrath of SWMBO (much worse than anything those heathens on the Isle of Man can dish out). My brain had just not connected the two... Thursday was gaming, the 12th was the anniversary, damn you Gregorian calendar!

With gaming cancelled it meant I could slow down a little and take my time on these models (specifically the finer detailing on the shields).

So here are the 8 Priodaur ready for action with the Welsh warlords:

Here are the obligatory close-ups, Front:



Back (just after the 3rd guy in the lineup dropped his weapon):

I'm pretty chuffed with the shields. Some of you may recognise the shield designs/transfers from those on the Little Big Men Studios website. Question is do you think these are the said transfers or hand painted copies?

I have also completed the 4 steeds for the mounted Teulu. They just need basing, then it's the 4 riders and I'm done... for now. I'll post pictures as and when I complete these models. I have another weeks breathing space now.


  1. These are looking good will judge them on what I see IRL though great work now you only have to get it to 6 points :)

  2. I like the shields a lot! I reckon transfers then hand finished? If so you will have to show my how you weathered them so well
    Good stuff