Saturday, 28 April 2012


Another month down and more camera woes... I left my only card reader at work so I had to roll back to using the iphone. Not a great camera but hey... This month I completed all my targets, starting with the 6 miniatures for legends of the old west. Here are 3 upstanding citizens:

And 3 cowboys:

The keen eyed observer will notice a) the bases and b) the railway track in the background. I painted 4 sections of straight track.

Here it is in a little more detail (the iphone letting me down for the close-up here):

The other main target this month was completion of my 4 point Welsh war band for Saga. I needed 4 mounted Teulu, and here they are:

Shields are hand painted to look worn (no transfers here). As these were riders of Rohan I had a small amount of conversion to do. They all had bows and arrows strapped to their backs. The bow was filed off and replaced with a spear if needed. The Quiver was a little more difficult to deal with. Luckily 2 models had empty quivers... with that in mind I converted the other 2 into javelin carrying satchels. The idea being my Teulu would take more than 1 'thowing' weapon into battle. The 2 riders with empty satchels have just used all their javelins (and helps explain why the guy on the right was drawn his sword!):

The horses got the same care and attention as the main models. Here is a close up of said detail:

You have already seen my 8 Priodaur... here they are again:

Again all Shields hand painted copying designs from little big men studios transfers. So with those complete here is my entire 4 point war band:

And as if all that painting wasn't enough I have been beavering away on my Warhammer campaign. I count that as my extra for the month. I won't bore you with the rule pack... but here is the photoshopped map.

Friday, 20 April 2012

Maa ta naa Rhun

A foul wind is brewing in the east...

Ulthuan have dispatched a fleet, led by Prince Ithilian Surefoot to investigate...

Messengers speed to the Empire...

Evil is brewing, it is in the air.

More to follow...

Saturday, 14 April 2012

This town ain't big enough...

A while ago I promised the gunfight report from my first game of Legends of the Old West. Being neither my Elves, Vampires or Welsh warband I'm struggling to find a suitable language translation for the blog post title... anyway I digress.

My lawmen posse; consisting of a Sheriff, 2 Deputies, 4 Vigilantes and 1 upstanding citizen; saddled up and rode into a small un-named village just outside Cranes city:

Of course it just happened to be high noon but luckily they were armed to the teeth. Who wouldn't be in the wild west? My 3 heroes had heavy pistols to dish out the occasional whipping. The Henchmen we going to offer my Heroes cover with a rifle, sawn-off and 2 six-guns (also carrying hand weapons).  With only $200 in my posse's stash the upstanding citizen could only afford a Saturday Night Special. Basically he was jut cannon fodder should I need to get someone 'in the way' during the nasty shoot outs. But old Lovejoy (any Deadwood fans?) proved far more instrumental to the success of the posse.

At the other end of town stood Trev's posse. 7 men to my 8 but mostly armed with rifles to slow down my movement. We were out to prove him band of so called lawmen couldn't organise a cook-up in a cowboy ranch and were just a band of lazy good for nothings... unfortunately Trev got the bulge on me every turn (we played with deck splitting to work out the drop and I managed to find every ace in that pack!).

I quickly moved my Heroes into the safety of a nearby livery stable. I spilt the Henchmen up leaving the rifleman keeping the mean streets clear while the six guns and sawn-off took a stroll down the street to meet the on-coming gang. Maybe this frightened them as they scarpered around the back of the buildings with riflemen moving into positions behind corners of buildings to snipe at my men as we approached.

You can just see the finger of my sheriff (building on the right) pointing out the snipers! Time for a change of plan. One of my vigilantes clambered up to the roof of the building on the left. The 2 heading down the street took cover inside the building. My rifleman maintained position to keep the main street free. Trev continued his advance around the back of the buildings, but did take a pop shot at my Sheriff in the Livery stable. It was enough to scare me and we retreated to the safety of the Corral:

From here I would be able to move around to face the cowards running around behind the buildings on the right. I moved the rest of the posse out the back of the building they were holed up in. I ran the Rifleman around to join them. The gun fight was not elegant with all shots from everyone missing the targets. While this fight in the back alleys was keeping all my henchmen busy Trev moved his Sheriff into the relative safety of the main street. With his Riflemen still in positions to snipe should I advance on him he was safe:

But then things heated up, a fist fight broke out in the back alley and the victors were: Henchmen. We had trapped the enemy vigilantes and dished out some punishment, knocking 2 of them out. Only the Deputy survived and he ran to the cover of a nearby shop front. It wasn't long before they gunned him down in cold blood (but at the cost of 1 Henchmen) and Trev was facing the prospect of having to take 'head for the hills' tests. Especially after the nifty work of Lovejoy, taking of 2 enemy fighters and winning. He and the Sheriff were putting great pressure on the rest of Trev's posse.

But then things started to go wrong, Trev's posse weren't as yellow-belly as we thought. The enemy Sheriff moved in to corner my leader:

With Lovejoy reloading it was going to get hotter than a whorehouse on nickel night... we had to take our chances and run. I moved one of the six-guns on top of a building to act as cover, but he was shot and fell to his death (I forgot about a rifleman holed up in a building).  By now though my deputies were in on the action, we ran down to face the enemy Sheriff but forgot we couldn't move our full distance and shoot. Oops. Trev again passing his head for the hills test gunned down one of my deputies and finished off Lovejoy leaving me with a head for the Hills test. As can be seen below, I had the advantage and would of gunned down the so called Sheriff...

and faced with this the posse ran. Luckily I had just lost the drop (the first time in the game) a my guys were about to scarper too!

So we had won our first game, but it had cost 1 vigilante and one of my deputies had a serious injury.

A great game, quite a different strategy game to anything I have played before using terrain quite effectively. I can't wait to play some more.

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Felly, mae'r rhain yn trosglwyddiadau neu beintio â llaw?

I had organised a game of SAGA tonight to test out my Welsh warband. This meant hitting the painting table heavy as I tried to get 8 Priodaur and 4 mounted Teulu completed for the game (and Loki's campaign) so I could field a fully painted 4 point warband.

Then on Tuesday I realised I had committed the ultimate faux pas in that Thursday (tonight) is actually the 12th of April. My Wedding Anniversary. I had to cancel... the gaming that is, or face the wrath of SWMBO (much worse than anything those heathens on the Isle of Man can dish out). My brain had just not connected the two... Thursday was gaming, the 12th was the anniversary, damn you Gregorian calendar!

With gaming cancelled it meant I could slow down a little and take my time on these models (specifically the finer detailing on the shields).

So here are the 8 Priodaur ready for action with the Welsh warlords:

Here are the obligatory close-ups, Front:



Back (just after the 3rd guy in the lineup dropped his weapon):

I'm pretty chuffed with the shields. Some of you may recognise the shield designs/transfers from those on the Little Big Men Studios website. Question is do you think these are the said transfers or hand painted copies?

I have also completed the 4 steeds for the mounted Teulu. They just need basing, then it's the 4 riders and I'm done... for now. I'll post pictures as and when I complete these models. I have another weeks breathing space now.

Monday, 2 April 2012

Mae'r Caboose Little Red Tu ôl y Trên

I've been making purchases on eBay again. This time some Old West Scenery: 

Thought this could be used in some imaginative old west scenarios. The scale is appropriate for 28mm figures, and it only cost me £7.99. A bargain I couldn't resist. If it survives the clutches of my 3 year old son (he has already had it out the box 3 times since it arrived 3 days ago and broken a bit off the little red caboose at the back) I will of course paint and modify it (it's actually battery powered, the motor and batteries are housed in the engine room so it will need to be gutted so a driver can fit in), but probably not this month. This month I really need to get my SAGA warband completed. Here is what's on the painting tray:

8 Welsh Priodaur (far right), 4 Welsh mounted Teulu (well Riders of Rohan really - or Alan's as Matt calls them), 6 Old West miniatures, and shed loads of railway track from the above train set. This forms the target for the month.

As can be seen I managed to do a bit last night. I started on the track so I could use it as a test model for painting the dried-out wood for the western buildings. Here is the result:

Not a great picture on the iPhone but I think it works well. Dark brown, light brown, then a dry brush of Bleached Bone and Codex Gray. I finished it off with a few dabs of Snot green to act as moss...

I also managed to get these 3 upstanding citizens painted. Just a few more highlights and the bases to complete here.

Oh and I roped myself in writing a Warhammer campaign...