Friday, 30 March 2012


You wait ages for a post and then two come along at once...

Progress for the month... I told you the Old West would distract me. With Saga not starting until April I organised a game of Legends of the Old West with Trev (pictures will follow when I find a CF card reader (that works)). A $200 game meant I needed some extra miniatures... I again went for the beautiful models by Artizan designs. Here are Doc Hollyday, Wild Bill and Lovejoy (yes he was in Deadwood!), carrying a six-gun, sawn-off and Saturday night special respectively.

I tired really hard to get a nice western dessert look for the bases (involving the purchase of some crazy expensive grass from GW). Particularly happy with Lovejoy's pin-stripe suit. Then it was time to hit eBay and source some old wargames foundry models. Bat Masterson would be my other sixgun, but I wanted some sniping ability. The only guy I had with an appropriate rifle was this random cowboy.

Here is the whole posse ready to take on the mighty Trevor (and win!)

My original target though involved continuing with my Welsh Saga warband. A mounted warlord:

He is the same colour as my on-foot warlord, so I can pick a choose which to use as the campaign progress'. You have already seen Trystan on foot, but here he is with his Teulu guards.

After comments about my red-colour matching army scheme, I decided to change and vary the togs a little. A bit more historically accurate now and I think preferable. The whole warband is now taking shape and I'm starting to get into it...

All the shields are hand painted (again particular effort was put into the rabbit design). I also added flowers to the warlord bases so they stand out even more.

That's your lot. I'll post the High Noon shoot out pictures soon.

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