Monday, 19 March 2012


Yup, sorry for being so quiet for most of March. To be honest I haven't had much time for gaming or painting. I've managed one blood bowl game all month so far (more on that later this week). I've been too busy recovering from various bugs caught off my kids (no doctors note like Ashford over there though).

So I promised pictures of last month's miniatures. And here they are.

8 High Elf Archers

4 Welsh Teulu & 8 dice for SAGA

3 Lawmen for my new addiction - Legends of the Old West (playing my first game at the end of the month).

You will have to excuse the poor quality. My camera never turned up from the rugged land of Canada so all I'm left with at the moment is the thing they try to pass off as a 'camera' on the iPhone. The terrible apple optics will probably mean I'll be last each and every month for a while (Now I know how Kieron felt!).

So targets for March are completion of my 4pt SAGA warband. That includes 2 warlords, 4 mounted & 4 on-foot Teulu and 8 Priadour.

I'm already getting distracted by the Old West stuff though so expect to see those over the Welsh.

To be honest I just can't get into my Welsh at the moment. I think it might be because I'm using Rohirrim as substitute Teulu and they just don't look right at the back of my mind. The LoTR miniatures seem to be 25mm while the GB SAGA stuff is 32mm. It all looks a little silly. To try and inspire myself though I have painted the warlord on foot. Here is Trystan:

Taking on Morgan Earp there...

Here he is from a few different angles (but worse light for the camera so it looks bleached! Which it isn't!)

I hand painted the shield design based on the GB paint job. It's a couple of bunny rabbits. It'll probably sum up my armies effectivness during the campaign!

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