Friday, 30 March 2012


You wait ages for a post and then two come along at once...

Progress for the month... I told you the Old West would distract me. With Saga not starting until April I organised a game of Legends of the Old West with Trev (pictures will follow when I find a CF card reader (that works)). A $200 game meant I needed some extra miniatures... I again went for the beautiful models by Artizan designs. Here are Doc Hollyday, Wild Bill and Lovejoy (yes he was in Deadwood!), carrying a six-gun, sawn-off and Saturday night special respectively.

I tired really hard to get a nice western dessert look for the bases (involving the purchase of some crazy expensive grass from GW). Particularly happy with Lovejoy's pin-stripe suit. Then it was time to hit eBay and source some old wargames foundry models. Bat Masterson would be my other sixgun, but I wanted some sniping ability. The only guy I had with an appropriate rifle was this random cowboy.

Here is the whole posse ready to take on the mighty Trevor (and win!)

My original target though involved continuing with my Welsh Saga warband. A mounted warlord:

He is the same colour as my on-foot warlord, so I can pick a choose which to use as the campaign progress'. You have already seen Trystan on foot, but here he is with his Teulu guards.

After comments about my red-colour matching army scheme, I decided to change and vary the togs a little. A bit more historically accurate now and I think preferable. The whole warband is now taking shape and I'm starting to get into it...

All the shields are hand painted (again particular effort was put into the rabbit design). I also added flowers to the warlord bases so they stand out even more.

That's your lot. I'll post the High Noon shoot out pictures soon.

cel puţin acest lucru înseamnă că nu mai au nevoie de un Traducător ROMÂN

So it was time for the second half... 2 TDs needed. The most the Raven's had ever scored. This wasn't looking good.

I did finally manage to use ,my Thrall's kick skill to good effect knowing the Beastmen would have trouble handling the ball.

It meant I could rush a vampire through the Choas defenses, Blitz the guy near the ball and really apply some early pressure. I might just do this...

Failure to really hurt any of the Chaos was hampering my chances though. My indiuced vampire was completly surrounded...

The countess was pushed into the stands and didn't see much of this half either. Again I would be playing with only two vampires.

Matt ran a beastan back to mark my attacking vampire. His other stood up, Blitzed the vampire and that was the end of my quick 2 turn TD chance.

But a ood vampire player never gives up. I moved in to surround the ball carrier again, tried the Blitz but only managed a push-back.

This allowed Matt a chance to escape and run forward to the half way line and within a few steps of his Minotaur. But still I had to take whatever chances I could, blitzing with a Thrall to break the drive AGAIN!

But the two and thro tussle continued with matt bringing in heavy support and securing the ball with a Chaos warrior.

The vampires swoopped in again, but with so many players down it was difficult to get a good position. I was hypnotiing with 1...

while the other could block - but again only manage a push-back.

The Chaos warrior was free to run across the pitch to my left side zone.

Fro there it became difficult to even get near the ball carrier. My vampires starting tripping over their own shoe-laces...

and by then it was over, Matt had pumbled the vampire team, everyone was eating soil. He walked in the 2nd TD in turn 8 of the second half. A 2-0 loss saw the Raven's crash out of the league!

The team posed for an end of season photo, but the vampires were so upset with their performace, they took their wooden spoon and ran!

Not a great season for me, but even so I really enjoyed playing with the Vampires. Getting 1 killed so early in the season crippled the team as the replacement was so expensive. The mix of heavy hitting, good agility is well balanced with the slow movement and blood lust ability, but I do think the armour 7 Thralls is a little too much. Not only is the enemy crushing them, but when the vampires get hungry (which they do every game) your number just dwindle far too fast. They still cost 40,000 so on average you're only getting 1 extra per match played... and if you lose a vampire, well!  The league was great fun all the same (thanks for organising it Kieron).

Highlights for me... beating Kieron obviously... and nearly holding the league leaders to a draw.

Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Cele Ravens zbura

A long over-due match report detailing the Raven's last must win game of the 2012 league. They were playing host to the Shadowland Chargers, who had already qualified for the play-offs but wanted to secure a better rank position. A large team value difference sees the Raven's induce an extra vampire and a wizard.

The Ravens were receiving. We set up heavily on the left side zone. With the Chaos having the same strength and speed as the vampires I edged towards playing an agile game. I pushed up the left side, passing all the needed blood lust rolls. Picked up the ball. Handed off to the countess to pass the ball to the waiting vampires up field. I could see the worry on Matt's face. Vampires could be quick.

But then disaster the countess fumbles the 3+ pass with a re-roll and the vampires a left wide open

The Chaos moves in to surround my attacking force deep in their half. With the Countess only protected by a single slave Thrall it doesn't take long for 4 beastmen and 2 warriors to secure the ball.

But vampires are agile. A few dodges later and I even out the numbers at the half way line. I move in a vampire to block the ball carrier and secure it back. But the low movement value of the vampires means I can't move it away from the tacklezone of a felled beastman.

The warriors stand, negating any support and the expected single dice Blitz from the beastman follows. The vampire is downed and worse still stunned. Matt doesn't risk the dodge to pick up the ball. I have a chance to break back again. I use the induced vampire to blitz said beastman back. The successful block sees the beastman stunned to, but the vampire fails the 2+ dodge roll, face plants, knocking himself out!

Ergh. The ball is very much in the open now.

But the Chaos are unable to captialise as the beastman nearest the ball stands up but fumbles the pick-up placing the ball in a Thrall's tackle zone and near a vampire about to jump up.

I blitz the beastman and secure the ball.

But then just as things are going my way, notice who is missing above? The countess. I was trying to move her next to the ball carrier. But the Blood Lust roll fails. I have to dodge out to bite a Thrall and she slips. She is forced into the box to nibble on a spare Thrall but importantly I'm another vampire down - as if this wasn't going to be hard enough!

The Chaos move in to surround me. A beastman first. Matt attempts to block a Thrall with his warrior and having the same luck ends up knocking us both down. The warrior survives but the Thrall is sent packing.

I'm free to dodge out and move both vampires up field. 1 close to the end zone for a passing game:

and the ball carrier running to the right side zone as if his life DIDN'T depend on it:

All Matt could do was move in. He was too far away to block the ball carrier. I had options. Which way would I attempt this.

I use the Thrall to Blitz the beastman marking the ball carrier. He moves up field to help the vampire should I fail the blood lust roll before the pass. All thats left is to get the other vampire in the end-zone. And guess what? Another failed 2+ dodge and the game swings back into the chaos Gods laps.

With the vampire out in the open it doesn't take long for the Chaos to get the ball back into my half.

I have to stop any scoring attempt. I have to win. Time to call upon the services of a wizard. A lightning bolt is hurled at the beastman carrying the ball and he is knocked down. The only player available to get near the ball is a Thrall. My only hope is leaving a tackle zone on the ball.

Still it didn't take long for Matt to Blitz the Thrall, pick up the ball, hand off to that Chaos warrior there and walk it over the line in turn 8. 1-0. Oh dear. I need to score twice and I'm kicking off!

More to follow...

Monday, 19 March 2012


Yup, sorry for being so quiet for most of March. To be honest I haven't had much time for gaming or painting. I've managed one blood bowl game all month so far (more on that later this week). I've been too busy recovering from various bugs caught off my kids (no doctors note like Ashford over there though).

So I promised pictures of last month's miniatures. And here they are.

8 High Elf Archers

4 Welsh Teulu & 8 dice for SAGA

3 Lawmen for my new addiction - Legends of the Old West (playing my first game at the end of the month).

You will have to excuse the poor quality. My camera never turned up from the rugged land of Canada so all I'm left with at the moment is the thing they try to pass off as a 'camera' on the iPhone. The terrible apple optics will probably mean I'll be last each and every month for a while (Now I know how Kieron felt!).

So targets for March are completion of my 4pt SAGA warband. That includes 2 warlords, 4 mounted & 4 on-foot Teulu and 8 Priadour.

I'm already getting distracted by the Old West stuff though so expect to see those over the Welsh.

To be honest I just can't get into my Welsh at the moment. I think it might be because I'm using Rohirrim as substitute Teulu and they just don't look right at the back of my mind. The LoTR miniatures seem to be 25mm while the GB SAGA stuff is 32mm. It all looks a little silly. To try and inspire myself though I have painted the warlord on foot. Here is Trystan:

Taking on Morgan Earp there...

Here he is from a few different angles (but worse light for the camera so it looks bleached! Which it isn't!)

I hand painted the shield design based on the GB paint job. It's a couple of bunny rabbits. It'll probably sum up my armies effectivness during the campaign!