Sunday, 19 February 2012

Ydw i go iawn bod rhad

Two posts in as many days. I'm trying to get things finished before I head off to Canada for a Scientific workshop at the end of the month.

Remember how I said I was trying to to get my Welsh war band for Saga completed on a budget, check out how cheap I really am (or forced to be by SWMBO):

1) Take 10 blank yellow dice off Ebay (£2.44)

2) Download the Saga dice symbols as a PDF from the Gripping Beast Saga forum

3) Edit the colour of the symbols in Photoshop

4) Add 1 sheet of transfer paper (£1.40, Ebay again!) and print said symbols on using an Inkjet

5) Spray with a suitable acrylic varnish (borrowed from work - hush!)

6) Mix together to produce your very own Saga dice

The total cost of this little project was £3.84 which amounts to an £8.16 saving over the cost of the original dice. Or as I see it more pennies for miniatures. I have 6 dice complete and a spare 4 cubes should I need more. I'm trying to work out why Gripping Beast sell the dice in packs of 8 when the rule book specifies you can only generate a maximum of 6. I'm presuming you need more to account for the general ability to generate dice on the army board (is that allowed to take you above 6?).


  1. You're right. Although eight is the absolute maximum.

    That's a really nifty trick. Do you fancy making me some? :)

  2. Maybe they are also thinking of those long lost dice under tables everywhere that are never found again? I'll show you some transferring later Mr...

  3. Ok so how much are you gonna charge me to produce a set of dice for my Vikings:)

  4. Trying to get me into trouble for 'selling' copyrighted material eh?