Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Y Da, y drwg a'r Hyll

The Good:

My goodies forming art of my Birthday present finally turned up. I now can start reading the rules to SAGA ready for the club league starting at the end of March.

Along with the rulebook I purchased 8 Welsh warriors to add to my war band (I did think that Rohirrim had too much armour to represent Welsh warriors so broke the cheaphammer philosophy). The Warlord pictured here is an Anglo-Dane. I got this mainly because I if didn't get something for £2 I wouldn't hit the free postage limit and would have to pay £2 postage. It seemed a no brainier. Especially considering I can then use the Anglo-Danes I got from JP to form a second faction at some point. I do have Welsh warlords coming. Andy kindly picked them up for me from York but due to a series of sickness bugs hitting the kids I haven't managed to catch up with him to collect them yet.

The Bad:

So with all our spare cash paying nursery fees for 2 kids I am trying to 'cheaphammer' my Welsh war band. This involves converting several Rohirrim models into heath guard. Here is my first attempt:

As these Teulu are meant to be 'family' (probably rich land owners or something that fight along side the local warlord) I thought that they would have suitable matching attire probably left over from Roman occupation (at least this helps me justify why they are well armoured and wearing red cloaks). The Red colour may also seem apt for Welsh what with the associated Dragons and all that (I don't know when Dragon Myths were introduced to Wales... time to investigate).

I hand painted the Shields using designs shown on the Gripping Beast models. Here is a 'better' picture of all of them:

So I could really use some feedback on how these are looking. What you like or don't like etc. How bad are they really (I think I will eventually replace them with official models)? I have another 4 of these models to paint and don't know whether to keep to the same paint scheme or mix it up a little maybe a nice regal green or blue) to represent a different 'family'? I plan on painting my warlord in red clothes to fit with this unit.

The Ugly:

This month I succumbed to every wargammers worse nightmare. Distraction. It's an ugly word.

But these miniatures aren't. Legends of the Old West - Another skirmish game that I want to get into. Anyone that has befriended me on face book can probably guess why. Initially it looks like a posse for the game only needs 6 models. That's do-able on a  budget. So over the coming months expect cowboys to feature more and more - along with some suitable scenery.

Next up in terms of gaming, the Raven's are taking of the league leaders tomorrow. I found out the team value difference is 70. That's a whole lot of inducements coming my way. See you soon for the match report.


  1. The oldest known use of the dragon to represent Wales is from the Historia Brittonum,written around 830; the text describes a struggle between two serpents deep underground, which prevents King Vortigern from building a stronghold. This story was later adapted into a prophecy made by the wizard Myrddin (or Merlin) of a long fight between a red dragon and a white dragon. According to the prophecy, the white dragon, representing the Saxons, would at first dominate but eventually the red dragon, symbolising the Celts, would be victorious and recapture Lloegr. According to the legend, this victory would be brought about by Y Mab Darogan. This is believed to represent the conflict in the 5th and 6th centuries between the British Celts and the invading Saxons.

    The only point I can add is armies in this period would not be uniformed alike even within a family, but the Teulu is looking good so far

  2. These are looking good, although using Roman armour 600 years after they left Britain might be a bit of a stretch :) I don't think the armour or cloaks look "wrong" though anyway, you're fine!

    You're clearly trying to lure me into Old West stuff at the end of your post, you're evil...