Friday, 24 February 2012

Neuma en' templa

Don't worry I haven't forgotten about the High Elves. When the Raven' last game of the season was postponed till the 8th March I had a few gaming slot to fill. I dusted off the Elves and headed into battle against the Tomb kings... yet again. The High Elves were triumphant but at great cost. All will be revealed, read on.

After receiving the Storm of Magic warhammer expansion for my birthday I persuaded Craig that we should give it a go. He ran to the shop and got the expansion himself and to out-do me got himself two nice Games Workshop Fulcrums! Grrr. I would have to make do with home made efforts.

Both the High Elves and the Tomb Kings (Craig's army) have strong magic phases. Lets see how much fun magic can be when you get 4D6 power-poo die. We decided on a 2500 point army, that meant I quickly had to paint 8 archers to gaming standard (more on that at the end of the month). With the extra 625 points worth of Storm of Magic goodies I bound a Great Dragon (which strangely is cheaper than - in terms of points value - the high elf dragon and about twice as hard! Go figure!) and a Great Eagle. I decked the later out so he had always strikes first, +1 strength and flaming attacks. The rest on the points were spent of a wind-catcher prism which depending on which class of magic i in ascendancy gives different abilities to a unit.

Craig went for a bound Stegadon and Dragon. This is how we set up:

Two Arcane fulcrums each, the winds of magic were in equilibrium (maybe that's why it ended up being so bad!). I was lucky and got first turn. The Sword Masters moved into the wood. In turned out to be filled with poisonous thorns. Three of the Sword Masters fell but they passed the panic test and so now themselves had poison attacks. The Silver Helms were pinned down though. move forward and they would have Chariots charging them, followed by Necro Knights should they survive the impact hits. The great eagle swoops into the cover of the building ready to strike the archers on the hill.

The rest of my units (Sea Guard and Archers) held firm to shoot at the skeleton archers. But our arrows were cursed and we only hit one of them. I kept the Dragon close to avoid the un-bound cantrip.

Magic and the storm rages. Life is in ascendancy but my 5 dice attempt to cast Throne of Vines with my level 4 archmage is dispelled with a scroll.

This leaves Craig enough dice to dispel any further spell casting attempts. My archmage is left looking pretty on top her fulcrum. Less storm more damp squib.

The Tomb Kings charge. The Dragon into my unit of archers, they flee and the charge is re-directed into the Sea Guard (who stand firm as they have the Lion standard). The archers never reform despite being so close to my Prince on the Fulcrum (He is a lvl 1 High Mage)

The Necrosphinx also rocks up on my other unit of archers. They also flee (off the table) and the charge is re-directed into the sword masters cowering in the wood. They manage to pass all tests and remain still for close combat. With poisoned attacks they manage to cut through the stone beast and a victorious without suffering a single wound.

The Chariots and Necro Knights remain still as they know they are pinning down my super Silver Helms. The Stegadon, Skeleton warriors and a unit of archers on the flank moved forward.

Magic and the Tomb kings Storm is about as violet as the High Elves. All spells are dispelled.

In the shooting phase the Chariots aim their bows at the Bolt thrower. One arrow hits the target but the light armour holds out! Phew! The unit of archers tries their luck on the eagle. His scaly skin deflects any accurate tips. The catapult hits the Dragon reducing him to 5 wounds.

Bar the close combat for the sword masters, the only other to resolve is the Dragon. He eats (and breathes) through the Sea Guard who turn and flee. One is eaten by my great Dragon along the way, a meal he needed for the Dragon-off that was about to happen after the Tomb King Dragon over-runs into him.

Only 1 charge for me to declare. The eagle swoops into the skeleton archer (those on the hill mid battle field) flank. He wins combat and the number of Skeletons diminishes. But they are able to reform to face my eagle.

The Sea Guard reform.

Magic and again I try Throne of vines, dispelled. I attempt to banish the Tomb King Dragon, dispelled. Next is a magical dual, dispelled. Finally the Fate of Bhuna to snipe the Necrotect, come on this must work... no it's dispelled. We were finding that the Storm of Magic just wasn't blowing.

With only the Bolt Thrower able to shoot, I try a single Bolt attack on the Chariots, and miss.

Dragon vs Great Dragon ends in stalemate with both suffering wounds.

The Tomb Kings continue their advance, slowly. Both the Stegadon and the archers start to move in on my Sword Masters. The Chariots and Knights hold firm to pin my Silver Helms again!

Again magic fades to nothing. Shooting and I lose a couple more sword masters but they don't break. The biggest loss is caused by the screaming skull catapult again being on-target on the Sea Guard. They hold firm though.

Combat, the eagle continues to tear holes into the Skeleton archers, keeping them well occupied. But at a cost of 1 wound. The Dragon on Dragon fest continues and finally my great Dragon is victorious, but only has 1 wound remaining.

Turn 3 and I am forced to make some tough decisions. My sword masters have to leave the wood to avoid the charge from the stegadon. But with the eagle keeping the archers busy they are free to March into the centre field. Moving through the poison thicket kills another 1! I decide to move the Silver Helms forward and accept the charge that will inevitably come next turn. The Dragon flies to the safety of the nearby fulcrum in an effort to protect my archmage from the archers.

Magic and things start going right. The Throne of vines is irresistibly cast and absorbs the miscast. Stone skin is then cast on the sword masters to protect them (+4 toughness - ask me that question again JP!).

Shooting and the Sea Guard aim for the warriors. The Bolt thrower misses again.

As is no surprise the Tomb King Chariots charge the Silver Helms. This frees the Necro Knights to reform and start moving out.

The stegadon and archers move into a position to pressurise my archmage on her fulcrum. A nasty little scorpion pops up behind my Bolt Thrower.

Magic and some sort of cursed blades spell is cast on the archers granting them an extra attack. But it wouldn't be enough and they would crumble in front of the Great Eagle. The eagle reforms to face the catapult. The impact hits from the Chariot kill an entire rank of Silver Helms but they hit back hard, and with the help of the Battle Banner (rolling a 6) combat is drawn. They survived.

Turn 4 and the High Elves are angry. The Sword Master charge the fulcrum, the dragon the unit of archers harassing my archmage, and the eagle charges the catapult.

Magic and an augment spell is cast with irresistible force on the word Masters. Again the miscast is absorbed by the Throne of vines. This grants the Sword Master 2D6 strength 4 hits on anything in base-contact with them. Oh dear Mr Skeleton wizard! I attempt to un-bind the Stegadon, Craig's dispel attempt fails and poof, it's gone (another lucky D6 roll - I needed a 5 and that's what I got). With dice left I went for a cheeky summoning spell and up popped a Lion Chariot.

As expected the UN-PAINTED model (tut tut) on the fulcrum is cut down by the shield of thorns. Even more unexpected was my Silver Helms success at cutting through the chariots. But with heavy casualties only the Battle Banner (another 6 is rolled) saves them.

The dragon demolishes the archers and in doing so the High elves secure the left flank of the battle field. All the Tomb Kings can do is march the warriors ever closer to my Prince on the Fulcrum. Charge the scorpion at the Bolt Thrower and continue combating the Helms.

The Helms break and run, escaping the chasing chariots. But with that we ran out of time.

I think we had both forgotten the win conditions for the scenario. The winner was he who controlled the most fulcrums. After my Sword Masters triumph that was the Elves. Woo Hoo. Even it it had come down to points I would have won as I had only lost the 2 units of archers, 2 nobles and 1 great eagle. But also had an extra 150 points from the Lion Chariot. With more turns Craig would of reached the Fulcrum with the Prince but by then my Death Mage would of made it to the empty fulcrum! So I'm claiming the win!

At the beginning of this post I said "The High Elves were triumphant but at great cost". But what was that cost? Well as we packed up and headed to the car I found I had a ticket for parking in the Motorcycle bay (big enough to hold at least 6 cars)... at 9.30pm at night, when no-one wants to park bikes on Queen's Road anyway! Come on... that Traffic Warden must need Horlicks to sleep at night! £35! There goes my money to get some extra Old West figures!


  1. LOL you are not having much luck lately fella.

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    1. Erm, don't know why I deleted that...

      Anyway, what is it about your and following rules? :)

      I'll get you a pack of cowboys, rather than a pint, in exchange for that Griffon.

  3. I'm glad when I looked at it and thought "will anyone care if I park here" a couple of weeks ago, I decided that they probably would... :P

  4. Bad start came good in the end. Those silver helms never seem to let you down!