Friday, 10 February 2012

Meci 7 - Voi lua o halba de târfă Bugman, vă rugăm!

The Raven's are trailing in the WFC league. Would our next game against a group of lady dwarves (known as Bugman's Bar Wenches) provide an uplifting run-up to the end of the season for the Vampires... the short answer is, surprisingly, no. We lost again. Badly. I blame the beer:

Final Score 2 - 0 to the Dwarves
Casualties 3 - 0 to the Dwarves

Both teams had a low fan factor of 4 but this didn't stop the 24,000 fans eager to see the Vampires return to establish a winning form. But this was a midday game, so with the sun out not many vampire fans opened the coffin lids and the dwarves had +1 fame. With the Ravens low fan factor they induced a vampire mercenary with Block.

The dwarves won the toss and elected to kick first. The kick was deep but a short pass later between Count Le'stat'ium and Count Blockula ensured the Ravens could start to cage the ball on the left side of the pitch.

But as is the general story of this team my first turn was hampered with not 1 but 2 failed bloodlust rolls and I stunned 2 thralls. This failing of bloodlust rolls (and rolls in general) would continue to harass me throughout the match.
Turn 2 and in an effort to keep the ball safe we are forced back away from the midline as the dwarves close in. A simple 2 dice block against a dwarf line man woman ends with Count Le'stat'ium (my only vampire without Block) eating grass.

Then disaster, A Troll Slayer blitzes in against Countess Bella Svan and knocks her out! She would not return from the dugout for the remainder of the game. Gulp!

With one vampire down and the ball carrier heading to the wrong TD line I consolidate. I attempt to run Count Le'stat'ium in to help protect Count Blockula (the ball carrier) but on the simple 2+ dodge he trips over the grass and again eats dirt!

The next couple of turns saw a couple more failed bloodlust rolls and the Thrall (and re-roll) population thinned as we ran the ball across field. Our only hope of scoring was to break away from the pesky wenches and pass the ball to a Thrall deep in Dwarf territory.

Hypnotic gaze came into it's own again allowing Count Blockula to get within long pass distance of the Thrall. The 4+ pass was fumbled on a 1! Typical. If I wasn't failing bloodlusts it was every other roll, be it armour, dodging, and now passing.

The dwarves went on the offence surrounding and stealing the ball (as well as all my other vampires).

The vampires tried to stop the offence but with a 3:1 ratio of dwarves to vampires it was never going to be easy.

The dwarves made sure none of my vampires could reach the dwarf runner (by stamping them into the ground) who pushed though and scored a TD on the last turn of the first half.

With the dwarves receiving and the KO'd countess deciding to stay in the dugout it already looked gloomy. The ball was kicked wide and we were able to setup again. This applied some pressure on the dwarves as they sent their super fast runner to pick up the ball with only a second runner to defend.

But they successfully picked up the ball and headed to the centre of the pitch to cage up (silly old dwarves). Whilst they were doing this it seemed the vampires had realised how to play bloodbowl and broke through the cage (good old hypnosis) to knock down the ball carrier.

But where is the attacker in the above picture I hear you cry? I had made a critical error. The Blitzing vampire failed bloodlust and so needed to take a bite at the end of the Blitz. But silly me followed up the successful block stepping away from the nearest Thrall. Tom took delight in pointing this out as I sent the vampire mercenary into the crowd for a snack.

Actually thinking about this while I write I made too mistakes. This vampire was Blitzing, he had used his full movement allowance (6) but I could of 'Gone for it' and then dodged up field on a 4+. I didn't even bother just removed him. Doh!

So with the ball free what could I do? I thought my best bet was to surround the ball and make sure it was in a lot of tackle zones. I get 4 tackle zones on the ball and as I get ready to move the vampire to put a 5th on it. The vamps luck ran out at this point, guess what happens... another failed bloodlust roll; made worse by the failed dodge roll as I try to get to a Thrall. Another vampire in the dugout leaving me with only 1 on the pitch.

The dwarves show their skill using positional play to pushback and knockdown a Thrall into the ball which bounces onto the dwarf runner. Great. Another struggle to get the vampire back for a Blitz on the ball carrier but again in the mid-field rumble we knock the ball free leaving 2 tackle zones on it.

But the dwarves make their presence felt bringing more players in to surround the ball, pretty much ensuring I wasn't going to get it. But could I stop them?

I had 2 vampires nibbling crowd members and this many players in the KO box. Numbers were not on my side.

My remaining vampire was pushed around like a pinball and the dwarf runner got her hands on the ball.

The movement 7 dwarf runner proves her awesomeness and pushes through again out of range of the vampires.

I'm forced to make crazy dodge rolls in an attempt to get Tom to score and end the drive, but with all players surrounded this is an impossible task. The Wenches have great fun blocking my remaining players eventually killing off a Thrall. Cackles of evil laughter were heard pouring from the mouth of the Bugman's head coach as he scores the 2nd Touchdown in his last turn.

Would my team return to full strength for my final turn? No.

I wasn't lying when I said the Countess didn't wake up again! So all that we could do was to try and get more than 1 Star player point (for that successful pass in turn 1) this game. We lined up to kick the line of 3 guarding dwarf line women. We manage 1 push back and then try to complete a short pass for token points. A failed blood lust roll means biting another Thrall, then the pass is fumbled.

Could I roll anymore 1s. Well it would appear so... my bad luck continued as I rolled 1 for my winnings.

Now it the bottom 2 of the league that all important play-off place looks out of grasp. Especially as my next game is against Crouching Rodent, Hidden Vermin, the league leaders! With that (and inducements in mind) Count Edvard Kill'em (the strength 3 vampires - I'll get you Kelly!) was retired to become club mascot. With 2 Thralls missing the next game, my team value stands at a massive 105. Exactly where we started. It's a good job this team is fun to play, otherwise I might end up crying in the corner of the club!


  1. nice write up you are not having much luck with your bloodlust rolls this season. I think I may beat you to the wooden spoon though as I continue my slide down the table.

  2. Crouching Rodent, Hidden Vermin are nothing to worry about. You beat me, I almost beat them, should be a walk in the park...

  3. Dam I really wish i'd gotten round to playing you now... Surely you're due some good fortune next game? Remember PMA (Punch, mangle, arson)