Friday, 3 February 2012

Meci 6 - Ce continua, aceste bile sunt îndoit mişelesc

In a change of game for the Vampires, our next fixture was

Bitem'em Ravens Vs Barrowmans Ball Benders on the 2nd Feb 2012

With poor results for both of these teams on paper this was a must win game for either of them if they were to compete for a league play-off position. This game could decide the league whipping boy.

It was pouring with rain but that didn't put off the elves’ fans. The ball was slippy but that didn't stop the wood elves showing the vampires how to play a passing game. It was all going their way. What did stop them though was a double skull on the first block with the Treeman. The vampires pounced and tried to swarm in on the ball carrier but the failed blitz (Dodge and Bock meant a 1in6 chance of knocking over the ball carrier) ensured he could run away and get within passing distance of a team mate (who easily caught the long, wet ball) to score a very quick touchdown (No pictures - the cameraman was avoiding the rain). The Vampires were worried. We couldn't keep up the pace so we tried to slow things down.

As if a sign from the GODS, the sun started shining (the camera came out) and after the Elf kick-off the ball was picked up by the Countess deep in vampire territory. A quick pass and a hand-off later and we were pushing into the Elves half. The Treeman was kept busy by a brave Thrall, and more often than not ended up on the floor as he tried to squash the Thrall.

Learning from the game against the Skaven the Vampires bunched up and started moving down the right side zone slowly. The elves backed off to avoid getting hit but left no clear path to the end zone. The Vampires had to change strategy and moved to the mid field.

Then the dice hit, 4 failed blood lust rolls, accumulating in several Thralls chewing the cud and one badly injured, thinned the Ravens numbers and it looked like their drive would be Broken. The ball carrier was forced further across field into the left side zone splitting the vampires up.

It was here the Elves made their first mistake. They tried again to surround the ball carrier who was now in striking distance of the TD line. But in doing so left Count Edvard Cullen fairly free. A few hypnotic gazes later and the ball was handed off to the count close to the Elf line.

But elves are fast. They ran to cover the gap between the count and the line, but again left the countess an easy dodge to the line. The count than ran out and a quick pass secured the equalizer in turn 8.

1-1 at half time and now I was receiving again. This was looking good. I had enough players to replace the bitten Thralls and the Wood Elves were down to 10 men with a war dancer KO'd. The vampire’s setup weighted to the left flank (the other war dancer I wanted to avoid was on the right). The elves tried to kick the ball right between my players...

but it ended up right on the half way line on the right side. All I could hope for was a high kick or a touchback to help me out. Guess what was rolled... a Blitz. The (dirty cheating) Ball Benders drove forward before the whistle and surrounded the short ball before moving in a catcher in to secure it.

My vampires were not happy, they flew in to hypnotize 2 defenders and leave a path for a Blitzing Thrall to the ball carrier. Only one of the other vampires got hungry before the Blitz and took a bite out of that Thrall, stunning him (yes a stupid mistake on my part).

Not able to Blitz the ball carrier anymore the second TD to put the Elves in the lead was inevitable. The cameraman, along with 1,000 vampire fans were so disappointed with the Ravens performace they left the ground.

It was looking like the best result for the vampires would be a draw. We pushed forward again. The vampires bunched together again, but this time the elves got some guts and started blitzing at the ball carrier. The 3rd attempt when I was close to scoring paid off (even though the odds were in my favor) and the Elves stole the ball.

Then things went all 'carry on'. The war dancer holding the ball tripped and fell after making a leap out of my tackle zones. The ball bounced into the hands of a vampire. The eves fought back and Blitzed the ball carrier. I had lost the ball again, but it bounced into the Count Cullens arms. He was too busy hypnotizing an elf and failed the catch. The ball hit the hypnotized elf and back to Count Cullen. This time he realized what was happening and grabbed the ball. Phew. Maybe I would equalize. But not if those rock hard elves (I had failed every armour roll) had anything to do with it. They ganged up on the count and Broke his collar bone (-1 strength... and for the 3rd time in 3 tries a failed regenerate roll).

With the ball in a war dancers hands and a catcher ready to receive in my half (and no players marking him) the game was lost. But then lady luck smiled. As the elves attempted a short pass to a lineman who would hand-off to the catcher, it was inaccurate and the ball bounced away. Count Blockula moved in supported by Thralls while Countess Bella Svan moved to the TD line. The turn 8 pass was accurate and caught. It was a 2-2 draw. Hard work in the end and now the Raven’s have been rocked by an injured Count Cullen. The Raven's team value slips to a meager 107. With the league leaders to play, maybe Luthor will have to be induced.

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