Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Beth Saga gallai hyn fod!

I'm getting distracted. First came Blood Bowl and now Saga (no not the old person magazine). I have no idea when I will return to the High Elves.

So yes... Saga. The game of the moment at the wargames free company (WFC) wargames club. A little Dark Age Skirmish game played with 28mm models on a 4'x4' board (like the one I have at home! Bonus). I wish I could tell you more but the rulebook is on pre-order waiting for a second edition print. This should of been mid January. I'm therefore expecting it mid February. In time for my Birthday.

Without a rule book and knowing much about the game my participation in the WFC Saga league is probably a little premature but it sounded too much fun to pass up. Furthermore if the recent Blood Bowl league is anything to go by it'll be pretty hard to get a game of anything else while this Saga runs its course, so I don't have a choice if I want to game.

The base game has 4 factions in it. I have decided I will play Welsh (With a name like Aneurin it only seems right). My warlord is named Tyrstan Merfyn of Deheubarth. He will be the only official Welsh model (official being produced by Gripping Beast the UK distributor of Saga), the rest I am going to 'cheaphammer' due to lack of funds.

So my goal for February is to complete start a Welsh warband. The aim for the league is 4 points. Which could be done with 17 models (4*4 Teulu and a warlord). I will probably aim to get some Priodaur fielded in my initial force so that would stretch the total to 21. And here are the models I will be converting:

These Riders of Rohan (which have been collecting dust for at least 8 years) are going to be 4 mounted Teulu. The Welsh are armed with Javelins so 1 of those models needs a new weapon. Shouldn't be too difficult. I also have lots of Rohirrim on foot. These 8 models already have suitable weapons

and could be either 2 more units of Teulu or 1 unit of Priodaur. I've not decided yet. Then things become more difficult. I'm left with this:

All 8 of these boys would need weapon changes to Javelins. But that would complete the warband with old Lord of the Rings miniatures.

JP kindly donated some Gripping Beast Saga miniatures:

But these are Anglo-Danes. Now I could proxy them into my Welsh warband or I could use them at a later date to start a second warband. I can't decide. I would like to maintain a certain consistency to the Welsh so keeping them all as  Rohirrim seems the best idea I guess. Any thoughts much appreciated!

In terms of expanding the Welsh I have 4 more riders, but sans Horse (I gave them away to Matt last month not thinking I might need them... Doh!... anyone got any spare? He he):

I could then pad the warband out with some 'official' Levys for another Saga point.

Anyway that's thinking too far ahead. Let me get started... oh wait it's February, my Birthday (meaning parents visiting at a weekend), the Christening of my God-daughter (anther weekend), Valentines day, Date night Fridays and  gaming (taking out a few mid week days), oh and the last week of Feb in Canada for work leaves me only 8 painting days this month.

So the realistic goal is completing the 8 Rohirrim on foot. If I get any more done (like the warlord I am getting Andy/JP to pick up for me) that's great, but the rest will have to float into March. When does this Saga campaign start again?


  1. You don't need complete weapon changes, just put a javelin or two behind the shield on the foot warriors. I'll try to remember to bring you those javelins tomorrow.

    You should be able to get second hand Rohirrim horses dirt cheap at Emporium.

  2. Also, if you really start to struggle, you don't need 4 units for a 4 point warband - if you take one of the special warlords they cost a point so you'd need 13 models (3 units of 4 plus a warlord).

    Any suggestions that I might be in danger of having to do that for my Normans are vile accuracies.

  3. And sorry about pinching all your horses!

  4. You do need 4 units as heros are not allowed in the campaign.

    I can lend you some units for your battles as I have a spare warband or will have by the time the campaign starts.

  5. That would be great Andy as I really doubt I can get all the abve ainted in time.