Monday, 30 January 2012


I went a bit Blood Bowl mad this month. With the start of the WFC league I've been playing weekly down at the club (well some would say 'not' playing in view of my performance to date but hey!), and on my other evenings painting lots of Blood Bowl miniatures.

My goal for January was to complete the Oak'tree Raiders for the GIMPS Blood Bowl league. The Oak'tree Raiders being a Wood Elf team if you hadn't already guessed. As I said previously, this was mainly so I could play Rich, Bill, Dan, Mark, Wayne and others that are setup in that league.

Anyway, here they are in all their glory:

For the Treeman I wanted something fairly imposing (to reflect his strength) so I went with treebeard the Ent from the Games Workshop Lord of the Rings range. My first attempt at painting realistic looking wood seemed t work quite well. Here are the obligatory close-ups:

Merry and Pippin are detachable so I can re-introduce them should I ever get into the Lord of the Rings Skirmish game or run a Halfling Blood Bowl team. I don't know which is more likely. I especially like the fungus covering Treebeards back. The elves accompanying old Treebeard are here:

The Athalorn Avengers box set I got of Ebay a while ago still had the original transfers in, so I can't claim the free-hand bonus for the runes this time. I have tried to reduce the amount of ink I use when painting though so these models entailed lots of layers of different greens for the team kit.

With the team complete it left me a bit of time for bonus' this month...

Some of you had a peak at one of my extras for January; The Bite'em'all Ravens assistant coach:

I always liked the vampire counts black coach model and until playing the Vampire Blood Bowl team didn't have a good enough excuse to part with the cash. The assistant coach joke couldn't be missed though...

After completing the coach my Blood Bowl frenzy continued. I scoured my bitz box:

and completed a custom Goblin team (well apart from the Trolls which are probably a very important part of that team but these are extras so....):

The weapons teams is all there, they just don't have a team name. Any suggestions? I haven't completed the bases yet as I haven't decided how to do them yet. The real reason I wanted a Goblin team was so that I could mix them with my Skaven to make an Underworld team. Of course in that team the Goblins are mutated by warpstone... so it seemed only right to convert a few bits and pieces into these monsters:

(Anything lee can do I can do...) I'm envisaging two heads, claws, horns and two hands as important mutations for Goblins. If they survive long enough to gain the SPP.

So that's my lot for January. A busy month in the end.

Goals for February to follow, probably something involving building a Saga Welsh warband.


  1. How's about GangGreen raiders, nice work this month and lots of it too

  2. I like it... maybe the GangGreen Packers to fit with the NFL names...

  3. (Anything lee can do I can do...)
    I'm so tempted to go there but i won't, all i'll say is ask your Mrs ;)

    I always like to add a wooden leg to my orc convershuns. Mutated nose? Weird tongue? They're a bit small for much else.

    Me gusta

  4. I don't beleive you have a bigger collection of Spice Girl memorabilia than me! Then again my Wife never lies... well done sir.