Friday, 27 January 2012

Meci 4 - Ia asta Kermit

Last week saw my deflated team take on the Mighty Slann Frogcisco 49ers.

The Ravens team value was at 94 after being slammed by the undead in the previous game. I had to take a Thrall Journeyman and thought i would struggle with only 11 players. Luckily Keiron's toads have been doing relatively well in the league and their high team value meant I had 200,000 gold (more on that later) to spend on inducements. That would cover a wizard and some bloodweiser babes. But having no reserves and only 3 vampires was bugging me. Instead I went for a vampire mercenary and purchased Block for her. That would turn out to be a very wise decision and meant that the Ravens could secure their fist league win. Only 1-0 but it was an improvement on past games.   

Our fans were out in force giving us +2 Fame. This how how we set up, heavily weighted with vampires to push through on the left side, to receive the kick:

Turn 1 and I moved the Thralls into position. But then when I tried to move the vampires Blood Lust hit in and spending a re-roll to maintain the full team couldn't risk pushing through the Slann defence just yet. We moved the ball t the line of scrimmage. Frogs hopped down field ready to receive a catch should my drive be broken. The Ball carrier was hassled by a frog but was fairly safe in this position:

Turn 2 and my vampires are thirsty. More failed blood lust rolls and more burnt re-rolls would be the story of this half. Count Edvard Cullen (the guy with the fancy cloak) Blitzes the Slann star catcher (well the only one with a skill) and injures him causing him to miss the next game. The count moves up field to support his fellow vamps. The ball carrier is forced to divert to a handy Thrall for a nibble and so crosses the field towards the right side zone, this leaves most toads on the wrong side of the pitch blocked by 2 other vampires:

The frogs move in but the ball carrier manages a quick pass to count Blockula who is free in the mid-field. another failed blood lust roll and another burnt re-roll leaves me with none left! I run a Thrall down to the TD line and Kieron falls for the diversion.

He sends 2 frogs to block the expected pass. The Blitz on this threat is successful and this pushes the Thrall back too close to the crowd for comfort. However, with the diversion I am free to move the ball carrier back to the left side for a touchdown next turn. I attempt to dodge the Thrall to safety but he trips over and injures himself:

With a couple more in the KO box things are starting to tighten up. Kieron plays a superb game and jumps, hops and skips frogs to the ball carrier. A failed blood lust test and another Thrall is out cold along with the vampire ball carrier (Count Blockula) after a successful Slann Blitz action:

My dug out was filling up fast and worse still Kieron had broken my drive and the ball was easily available for the Slann to retaliate:

As Kieron worked out only one of his players remained close enough to my line to score I swarmed around him sending him flying. The half was over and the score was drawn 0-0.

My game was being severely hampered by the Vampires' propensity to fail their Bloodlust tests and have to knock out the Thralls rather than move where I wanted them to go. My Thralls remained n the dug out and I had to set up to kick in the second half with only 8 players. Luckily all 4 vampires were back on the pitch but any more failed bloodlust rolls would serious mess things up.

Luckily our luck reversed. Kieron tried and failed to would the 3 Thralls on the scrimmage line. This left him with a thin flat defence which I could hypnotise my way through to the ball carrier.

This was where the Slann revealed their big weakness, in a key moment, they succumbed to bad dice without re-rolls (no useful skills like Dodge, Pass, Block, Catch or Sure Hands) and were unable to clear the ball. Two of my Vampires grabbed it and scurried towards the line. Only 1 tad could make it back to defend.
In the melee that followed I saw off another of those catchers. All that remained was to Blitz the defending frog freeing my vampire up to score. I did just that but with the only nearby Thrall currently eating dirt I couldn't fail the blood lust. I did but had a re-roll and scored. Phew. We were leading but it was tough.

Could I stop the equaliser. Kieron was suffering as he only had 1 catcher left on field. But he learnt from his mistakes in the previous drive and quickly caged the ball. He also learnt that it is impossible to keep us away from the ball. We hypnotised our way in for a Blitz on the ball carrier but could only manage a slight shove. I couldn't follow up as this would leave the vampire surrounded by 6 Slann players and in all likelihood squished. This freed the catcher to run down my left side to within striking distance of the line.

I had 3 players surrounding a lineman keep in my half trying their hardest to stop any form of passing game. Hypnosis really helps give the vampires the initiative there.

Things on the left side were getting messy. Kieronslann hands, but also the attacker down.

Kieron had played well and did managed to get into range of a touchdown on the final turn, but with no re-rolls left he was asking a lot to try to get a Leap, a Dodge, a Pass, a Catch and two Sprints off in one turn. The lineman managed to dodge out of a tackle zone and sprint to the line, but Kermit fumbled the pass and he had failed granting the Ravens their first season win.
In the post match analysis it would turn out that Kieron had gifted me an additional 60,000 gold to my inducements as he forgot to deduct his missing Lineman from his Team Value. We both had some really bad dice which made for a tough close game.

With winning and +2 FAME, the sponsorship money came flooding in. With money in the bank already I was able to buy into slavery Journeyman Johnson, get another assistant coach and resurrect Countess Bella Svan. I was back to full strength and my team value had jumped u to 118. Next in line to face the Vampires are the Stilton Stealers. Andy is the Rookie of the league so on paper I should probably win, but so far he has had a good season, drawing all 3 of his previous games. Lets see what happens.

One more fan photo to leave you with. Memories of Kermit the Slann Star Catcher:


  1. Three points:

    1) You make out that I fell for that diversion at the time, if I hadn't covered the pass you would have been free. What did you expect me to do?

    2) It turns out that I'd done my sums wrong. My TV was only 10k out.

    3) Can you sound more smug in your next post? :P

    1. And here I was thinking you never read my blog ;-)

      I wouldnt want the SPP on the Thrall. Or even attempt the catch with agility 3.

      If you were only 10k out everything was ok as the countess was 10k less than what you told me on the night. I know what to get you for your birthday... a calculator

      Yo should ofshook my hand at the end of the game. he he.

  2. You should've learned how to play against Skaven. He he...