Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Meci 3 - Să revolta strigoi începe

Back in December 2011 I posted this on the wargames free company forum:
"Too early to commit to a 4th BB game? I'm game so to speak... who wants to take on the vampires (I'm predicting we will be fairly close to the bottom - so it could be an easy game)."

I hate it when my predictions come true.

On the 12th of January the Bite'em'all Ravens took on their undead rivals, Rest in Pieces...

and lost...


on both Touchdowns: 3-1...

and casualties: 5-1...
Oh dear. That early loss of a vampire(ss) is starting to tell.

Lots of fans turned up to watch this undead face-off. 7k zombies and 16k vampires meant I had +2 fame. And it all started so well. My fans threw a rock injuring one ghoul (more than my players could muster). We received the ball and by turn 3 had scored. The fans cheered giving me an extra reroll.  Trev was worried... but not for long.

As I am quickly learning the Vampire team can easily collapse. A skeleton smashed the collar bone of a thrall. They quickly picked up the ball, formed a small cage around the Ghoul and started moving receivers down the pitch.

I saw the throwing game unfolding so decided to take out a ghoul receiver to buy me some time. A simple Blitz with a vampire on the ghoul but a failed blood lust roll. No matter I had re-rolls, but a second blood lust roll. OK we can cope. Or not. The Blitz ends as a both down sending the vampire into the crowd to feast. This left everyone of my players in a tackle zone. Big crunch. Another vampire is KO'd and another Thrall injured.

I had one vampire left on the pitch, and not many Thralls to support him. In fact I was starting to leave them face down on the pitch in an effort to keep them alive. The equaliser in turn 7 was therefore inevitable with Trevor simply walking the ball holding ghoul down to the line while the Wights and Mummies held up the vampire.

There was no love lost for their undead kin as Rest in Pieces moved in every player to see off the final vampire and cripple the Ravens. He survived the bully tactics and during a nasty foul one of the zombies was sent packing by the ref. Hurrah - something positive.

The fans were not happy, a pitch invasion, followed at halftime by a riot decimated the intimidating undead line.

This was still not enough to help the vampires and another touchdown was quickly conceded. Another pitch invasion followed. Undead were left stunned but again recovered. With the vampire KO'd earlier still recovering, lack of numbers was really starting to show and the undead scored a 2nd touch down . In their disgust my fans threw another rock at kick-off taking out one of the ghouls.

Could I punch through the hole in the centre field and then throw the ball up field to get an equaliser?  With 7 players on the pitch it was daring but it just might work. One vampire picked up the ball and ran backwards to keep some distance between himself and the hard hitting undead. All the other vampire had to do was knockdown the mummy and blitz his way up field ready to receive. I only managed a push back. I had to dodge around to keep the vampire out of a tackle zone but this left the Thralls vulnerable.

Another 2 were sent into the injured box. Facing mighty blow with an armour value of 7 is not nice. The undead then Blitzed the vampire in their half leaving me with the ball keep in my half and out of options. Trevor had chosen quite a fast undead team with 4 ghouls and 2 wights and now they were streaming towards the ball carrier.

With our dugout filled to the brim I did wonder if the Ravens would survive the whole match or be forced to concede.

Rest in pieces scored their 3rd touchdown and I had 1 turn to just do some damage. That KO'd vampire finally woke up. We all hit the line of scrimmage. But the first block ended with the attacker face planting and that was game over.

Will the misery ever end. Two Thralls are missing the next match meaning I am forced to take a journeyman and my Team value is reduced to 94. Ouch.

If only I could stop rolling 1s.

Tune in again soon to see how we would fare against an army of frogs. Still I was looking forward to the inducements and playing a team who I could hit.

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