Sunday, 22 January 2012

Meci 2 - slăbiciune meu este exploatat

Another journey in time... to Monday 9th January:

After suffering the loss of Countess Bella Svan the remaining Ravens knew their next game would be a tough one. So they decided to play on Home turf. Even with the home crowd it would turn out to be tougher than expected as Craig would use the knowledge gained during our recent pre season friendly to exploit our team weaknesses further. I was starting with 11 players. Any loss to KO or injury would really hurt.

Bite'em'all Ravens (Vampire) Vs. Karak Dur Bruisers (Chaos Dwarf)

The Vampires won the toss and decided to receive. Picking up the ball we made a quick pass and moved into position to drive the ball down the Chaos Dwarf's right side. Well, they weren't having this and through a bit of luck managed to get to the ball carrier and flatten him, stealing the ball. This followed an unstoppable slow drive to a touchdown at the end of the first half. Why unstoppable? On their way down to the Raven touchdown line the Bruisers lived up to their name and knock out one of the vampires and injure a thrall. Not a great first half and now I was kicking to them. I sensed more pain heading my way.

So the second half started with the Chaos dwarfs  receiving the ball and starting as they meant to go on by battering my Thralls in an attempt to walk the ball down field for a second touch down. Well we weren't interested in this plan and my Thralls stood firm allowing them to get some revenge and the vampires to run deep into the Bruisers half putting pressure on the ball carrier.  Things were looking promising but I missed something. The Chaos dwarfs ran the ball up to the half way line and handed of to Lionel the Bull centaur who then made a run for the right corner, sprinting to the line. This certainly caught us flat footed and with both vampires deep in Bruiser territory there was nothing we could do, giving the dwarfs a second touch down. Oh dear.

With the game all tied up there was little room for us to come back into it but we sure did try, injuring a couple of hobgoblins in the process. But with more bad luck a final fumbled hand off for a consolation touchdown saw the game end.

Final score 2 - 0 to the bruisers

But I did win on Casualties  (2 -1)

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