Friday, 13 January 2012

Idhrin-eden 'elir

It's a bit late I guess but I pass on the new year greeting anyway. So where have I been, why have I been so quiet?  Mainly because I have been getting use to a new routine now Nat is back at work and the young sprog is at nursery. That means early mornings to walk the dogs and therefore very few late nights painting.

Still I'm cracking on with my January target, the Wood Elf Blood Bowl team and Treeman. Here they are on the painting station.

The Treeman is taking longer than expected. I have never tried to paint 'convincing' wood before. I even splashed out on some new shades of brown as Scorched and Snakebite leather just weren't cutting it. I'm hoping it will all come together after a wash and highlight and adding in some mossy green detail. We shall see. Just a few more highlights to do on the Elves but otherwise this aspect of the team is progressing well.

This is the finished look (bar the base which I will complete when all the models are highlighted to this standard).

The blue gem on their belts is the spot colour. Subtle but eye-catching enough I think.

This project has been a bit of a side-track from my High Elves. A pleasant one. Mainly because I have always wanted a Wood Elf Blood Bowl team. My excuse for doing it at this point in time was so that I could enter the GIMPS Blood Bowl league and not miss playing people like Rich (yes and WFB too if you are reading this), Wayne and Dan. However, I'm heavily into the WFC league with the Bite'em'all Ravens so the Oak'tree Raiders (Rangers? Haven't decided yet, thoughts?)  will probably only play these three games just to catch up with 'old' friends.

Hold on, I said heavily into the WFC Blood Bowl league but I haven't submitted a single match report yet. Well watch this space. I aim to give my blog a little more attention next week so you can expect an update every couple of days until I catch up.

Just to tease: the Bite'em'all Ravens are doing ever so well I can't wait to tell you about it.

Oh and my new distraction - SAGA. My journey to the dark side continues.

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