Friday, 9 December 2011

Vanimle sila tiri

Well I managed to complete Alarielle the High Elf Everqueen ready for a battle against the Tomb King hordes. Here she is in all her glory:

I went with a green pendent in her hand in the end. As I am using the miniature as a High Elf Archmage, this pendent will represent the annulian crystal so I can steal 1 D6 from the enemy power pool to add to my dispel pool. My tactic is to use my High Elf +1 to dispel attempts, dispel magic from High magic and the crystal to really hamper my enemies magic phase. I proved this tactic would work last night.

I'll try and keep the battle report short.

I fielded a similar army to the last time I met Craig's Tomb kings; 1 unit of Sea Guard, 1 unit of Archers, 1 unit of Silver Helms, 1 unit of Sword Masters and 1 Bolt Thrower. Heroes and Lords consisted of Alarielle (as a level 4 archmage - lore of death), a mounted Noble Battle Standard and a second mounted Noble with a special item turning him into a level 1 mage (High Magic).

I went with Lore of Death in an attempt to snipe Craig's Tomb King and force his army to take crumble tests (not the rhubarb variety either).

I was facing a large unit of Skeleton warriors, a unit of skeleton archers, a bone giant, 6 chariots, 1 screaming skull catapult and the usual characters. In addition Craig had 3 Necro Knights and a scorpion entombed and ready to pop up to annoy my flanks.

It was the first time I had played on a 6'*4' field for a while. It looked massive. In fact the size of it frightened me and I left my left flank completely empty. With lots of terrain in the middle of the board I was forced to put my Silver Helms on the right flank to avoid dangerous terrain tests. Craig met me there with his chariots. The other units set up centre field. I rolled to go first.

My Knights inched forward to keep out of charge distance of the chariots. My Sword Masters marched towards the Church to garrison it (knowing that they would reach it before the slow undead). The Sea Guard moved towards a hill on the right to support the Helms against the chariots. Alarielle used the ring of Corin to cast Fury of Khaine. Craig dispelled it. I cast the Death Vortex spell but it didn't reach the enemy and spent the rest of the game meandering around the battle field. My Noble cast flames of the Phoenix on the Chariots. I shot everything I had at the Skeleton archers to protect the vulnerable sword masters. I killed 4.

Craig advances his warriors and giant towards the church. His Chariots also inch forward in a game of chicken with the Silver Helms. The magic phase is a damp squib with my mages successfully dispelling any Tomb King attempts. The catapult misfires and misses the next turn, the archers strike at my longbows and slaughter 1 with their cursed "I always hit on a 5+" arrows.

I chicken out and don't charge the chariots (for fun we see if I would of made the 19" charge - and guess what I would have!). Instead I continue to move the Sea Guard onto the hill and pepper the chariots with arrows. My sword Masters make it into the church. Alarielle runs into the safety of the archer unit. Magic and Alarielle miscasts the lore of Death hex spell on the warriors. Her mind implodes and she is left a quivering 'level 1' mess. Luckily she manages to remember the useful snipe spell but Craig dispels her attempt to cast it. So instead I cast Dispel magic trying to make things more difficult for him. Shooting amounts to a few more skeleton archers biting the dust and a bit of damage to a chariot.

Then as seems the way when I play Warhammer things start going wrong. Craig charges the Sea Guard with his massive Chariot unit. The Bone giant charges my Sword Masters cowering in the church. With both the entombed scorpion and Necro Knights trying to pop up around the flanks of my Helms and Sea Guard things are looking desperate. Oh dear:

But then some luck, the scorpion pops up off table never to be seen again and the Necro Knights have a mishap and end up on a random table edge, the one nearest Craig. Woo Hoo!

Craig's magic phase again fizzles out due to my excellent dispelling abilities. His catapult misses my Helms.

Combat and the Bone giant is easily cut down when facing 21 strength 5 hits (there is a reason they are called sword masters). My sea Guard stand and shoot in an attempt to hold the chariots in place for the Silver helms to charge their flank next turn. They destroy 1 chariot reducing the pain from the nasty impact hits. They lose combat but are steadfast and hold.


Guess what happened. With that many always strikes first rolls, the chariots crumbled. The Silver Helms over run 7". Exposing their flank to the Necro Knights. Gulp. In the centre of the battle field, I move Alarielle into sniping distance of the Tomb King General (can you tell I didn't care about my level 1 mage anymore - I was more worried she would explode again and take the archers with her).

Guess what? Magic and she miscasts again! At least I might take their general with me I thought. Fate of Bhuna: 2D6 minus toughness hitting on a 2+ with no armour save. I roll 11. Excellent. 8 hits for Craig to save with his Ward save. He saves all but 2. Damn 1 wound on the general left and Alarielle's mind implodes AGAIN, reducing her to a mere mortal. Dispel magic is cast again. I shoot everything at the remaining skeleton archers and wipe them out.

Craig charges the Skeleton warriors at Alarielle and the Necro Knights into the Silver Helm's Flank. Alarielle only has to flee (look how far away she is above). But the warriors make a 12" charge. Still OK, she only has to run 5" to safety. She makes it 3" and is cut down. Ouch, there goes my general. The level 2 Tomb King wizard who was hiding amongst the archers tries to run (well walk) out of range of my archers. Magic phase and although I have lost the annulian crystal, dispel magic proves too much for Craig and he has another bad magic round.

Now for more funny action as Craig's catapult attempts to hurl a screaming skull at my garrisoned Sword Masters. It misses and the artillery dice direct the skull straight onto the head of the cowardly level 2 tomb king wizard. Several pieces of him are found buried in the mud! The only combat is the Necro Knights vs the Helms. With armour holding on both sides it is down to the Battle banners extra D6 to combat resolution to save the day. It does I win combat and can reform to face this true evil.

My Sword masters exit the church to put pressure on the rear of the skeleton warriors. My sea guard also turn on the hill to face this remaining unit. Magic and with only the noble left it doesn't really come to anything. I shoot down a few warriors. In combat the Silver Helms defeat the Necro Knights and reform to face the Tomb. The resulting Tomb King curse does more damage than the Necro Knights.

Craig charges his warriors at my archers. They stand and shoot. Several spells are cast but nothing game changing. The catapult again misfires and misses the rest of the game. Of course the archers are cut down but the skeleton warriors only overrun a few inches and remain within charging distance of the Sword Masters.

In my final turn it seemed only polite to - so I charge both the warriors and the Tomb. Only the Sword Masters managed to complete the charge. With The silver helms out of range all that remains for them to do is cast flames of the phoenix at the Tomb. It does some damage but not enough to remove it. Worse still my Noble miscasts but only hurts himself. Good work soldier. In combat the sword masters manage as massive win in combat by enough to see the entire unit crumble and leave only the general with his 1 wound.

He didn't last much longer.

With only the loss of my archers and general compared to everything except the Tomb and catapult it was a crushing victory for the High Elves.

Am I on a gaming roll?


  1. Bravo sir. Seemed like a good game. I faced a horde of sword master the other day. Not fun! Needless to say my units bounced off them...

  2. it was nice to see the Elves IRL on thursday they look very nice indeed, very crisp and clean painting.