Thursday, 22 December 2011

Sete de sânge va fi moartea de mine

No painting to report. To tell you all the truth I think I'm going to struggle getting anymore done before the end of the month. All my free time is being swallowed up wrapping various things - and coping with the old "don't get me anything for Christmas" line from the wife. I'm not falling for that one! You will have your regiment of Phoenix Guard and enjoy them dear.

So with no painting to display I'm obviously here for a game report: The Bite'em Ravens second pre-season friendly bloodbowl game. Well when I say friendly it was against The Deepcar Deaths (I didn't realise I was the only mad war gamer to live out in the sticks) who have signed up to the GIMPS rookie league. Over on the GIMPS forum it appeared to turn into some sort of grudge match between a WFC and a GIMPS rookie team. For me it was just another chance to test out the team. And Neville (playing as Undead) really showed me how vulnerable the vampire team can be. 

The game started with me receiving the ball and driving towards the Deaths goal line.
The Deaths started to pass a little love around though and caused 1 death and 3 further injuries in the first 4 game turns. Despite this we drove home for a touch down. Woo hoo!

The Deaths set up for receiving the ball and started their drive towards my goal line, causing mayhem  along the way (a few KOs etc). The situation wasn't helped by my poor rolling and towards the end of the first half  we were pretty light on the Ground with only 5 players left on the field.
The Death's got a last turn touch down; Half Time score 1-1.

What was worse was that for the second half I would have to face it all again but with only 8 players (4 Vampires and 4 Thralls).

The second half started with the Deaths recieving the ball. At Kick Off the crowd lifted my team's spirits (see what I did there) and we got a much needed extra reroll. On my first turn I knew i had to be fast and ignore the Blood Lust Risk. I sent 2 vampires around the Undead flank towards the ball, got hold of it and ran for the touch-line. I covered the Wights with Thralls (being the only players that could reach me). But an amazing dodge by the Wight saw him take the ball into midfield. Grrr.

To make matters worse for me, Bloodlust was starting to take over and my vampires thought it better to injure our own rather then any opponent.

With no camera at the event (and me too ashamed to display any of my team losing) you will have to put up with this rather fetching picture of Christopher Lee.

Desperate my best measures in midfield, the Deaths had numbers on their side (I only had 5 players left on the field) and the touchdown looked inevitable. But I didn't give up. I tried and tired for the sake of all the WFC players. I attacked again and again with the vampires (biting my Thralls whenever needed - which with the number of 1s I rolled was quite often) and a glimmer of hope - could it be a turning point: the ball was knocked free bounced to a Vampire but alas without any re-rolls left (I burnt them all on wither blood lust or dodge rolls) he failed to catch the bounce and it dropped into the hands of an Undead Skeleton. Neville's rolling had been amazing all night. The Skeleton needed to roll a 5 and caught the bounce on a 6! He is then free in his turn to knock down the vampire and make a path to the goal line.  The Mummies do their job and helped by the Zombies start clearing up whats left of my Ravens.

But just like a boil on the bum I didn't go away. Each turn I tried to get a vampire to that Skeleton. But the lack of numbers start to tell again and the Deaths do well in covering the gaps. A few turns left and desperate times for the Ravens to keep the score draw. No re-rolls left; 4 players left standing; 1 stunned, the rest KO'd or injured. One of my vampires makes a last ditch attempt to get to the Skeleton (whom Neville christened 'Femur'), a Blitz action, 2 4+ dodges, 1 'go for it' to reach him and another to block. All successful. Then DISASTER I roll double Attacker down. Femur is free and scores.

2-1 to the Deaths
1 turn left. I can't score. All I can do is try and hurt them (it is blood bowl after all). The Deaths are 'advised' to setup with 3 on the LOS and the rest on goal line. My vampires stare lovingly into the eyes of 2 zombies and a skeleton. But are too soft to even punch their fellow Undead beings. Another double attacker down and it's End of game.

Neville played a great game. He went in fast and caused as much damage to my Thrall's as he could. He had some lucky injury rolls early in the game. The vampire team then pretty much fell apart by itself when bloodlust got hold. But bar some un-lucky rolls the game could of ended differently or at least as a draw.

A great close game and I enjoyed it lots. Thanks for being a great host, but next time we meet on Vampire turf!

(Oh and thanks for the match report Nev - I shamelessly stole it off the GIMPS forum)


  1. He was ADVISED??? Which bounder did that? Damned ungentlemanly conduct that.

    We'll be having none of that malarky come the Chumpions League. :)

  2. erm... that would be me then. DoH!
    In all fairness it wouldn't of mattered anyway as the last guy I tired to hit my vampire ended up braining himself. Story of the game really!

  3. Wouldn't have mattered? No matter the score, a last turn 'vengeance crippling' always makes you feel like you've won. :)