Saturday, 31 December 2011


My final post of 2011 - It is New years eve today (ah the party lifestyle of a parent with two young children). You may have noticed that blog entries have been a little slim over the festive period (unlike my waist-line). Well the painting has been even slimmer. Gok Wang would be proud.

To cut a long story short this month I only managed to complete Alarielle.

I did start Teclis but the festivities of Christmas (and running out of scorched brown paint - I refused to go shopping in December) just got in the way and I didn't even get past a simple base-coat.

Quite a lot of my month was spent stripping old metal miniatures using Dettol. Maybe the fumes got to me and prevented me from doing anything other than undercoating the Black Coach in... well Black.

I did discover during the stripping process that although great on old Metal miniatures (here is the black coach details and driver):

Dettol doesn't quite work the same on plastics. It took about 10 days to get the coach wheels a state where they could be re-painted keeping the original detail:

The final part of December's goal was to start painting the Inn I constructed a few months back. Well that didn't even make it out of the scenery box. So as you can tell my worse performance yet.

It didn't help getting distracted with and starting to paint a Wood Elf Blood Bowl team I have christened "The Oak'tree Rangers" for the GIMPS Blood Bowl league (I worry I won't find the time to play many games at GIMPS with my vampire committed at WFC but it is motivating me to finally finish the wood elves). Here is the team in progress:

A bit more highlighting to do yet but you can see how they are coming along:

Every good wood elf team fields a Treeman. So I scoured EBay for an appropriate miniature. OK so the model I found isn't exactly appropriate but I thought the size of Treebeard would add a unique feel to the Oak'tree Rangers (don't ask what I will do if anyone manages to knock him down - Maybe time to get some prone/stunned tokens painted):

I going to make Merry and Pippin detachable from the model so I can maybe run a Halfling team at some point. My purchase also came with a Warhammer Treeman:

This needs cleaning up and certain details changing and I am yet undecided if when finished I will re-sell on EBay to basically make the money back I paid for the 2. I just like the model too much I guess.

So my goal for January 2012 is to get the Wood Elves and Treeman finished. My break from the high Elves wont last long though. Santa filled my stocking with these beauties:

There are two packs of Phoenix guard... roll on February.

So with that... Happy New year and all the best for 2012. See you on the other side.

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