Monday, 5 December 2011

Entula en' templa

I have started on my goal for December before the busy festive period starts. I have stripped and done the first coat on Alarielle the everqueen. All that remains is the highlighting and the fine detail. Should be complete with 1 more session. Hoping to get her ready for a 2000 point battle I have with Craig on Thursday. The model will just be used as an Archmage. Here she is in her current state:

Already looks better than she did when she arrived from the mysterious land only known as Ebay:

I will do the majority of the gems in red to match the rest of the army but am questioning whether to do her necklace in green. Would that be too many spot colours? Thoughts?

Also forming part of the target this month is Teclis. Another of my Ebay bargains. I was actually looking for more spearmen to convert into sea guard and came across a curious little item described as:

High Elf Warriors Regiment + Free Magic Guy

No picture of the free magic guy but it turned out to be the new Teclis model. Bonus. Even better was the price. £1.04 for 16 warriors and Teclis. The postage was on the expensive side for £5, even so for this little lot it was a great deal. Anyway, as per any cheap purchase on Ebay he had to be stripped. Lots of glue and layers of thick paint meant 3 dips in Dettol, but here he is ready for some brush work:

I'm tempted to put him on some sort of rocky base. Think that famous lion king scene.


  1. What type of dettol do you use? He seems cleaner than when i use paint stripper!
    Do you use the colour wheel when painting (i don't) i figure that it will be important for your style of painting and Girly elves. Red and green to me don't go

  2. Just bog standard Dettol Anticeptic (the brown stuff). Leave the model in for 24 hours. Then rinse under a hot tap. Should remove most of the goopy paint. Sometimes rubbing your fingers over the model gets rid of the gunky stuff. Then the paint in the detail can be removed with a toothpick.