Tuesday, 8 November 2011

M-am cam dus de val

So vhy do I vant to paint & play a Vampire Blood Bowl Team? Since the 3rd edition of blood bowl was released in the mid 90s I have had the Count Luthor von Drakenburg miniature. Back then I painted him some avful purple colours so vhen I joined the GIMPS blood bowl league 2 years ago I decided he needed a little re-paint:

After all vhat's an undead team vithout a vampire star-player! Last year he came in useful during the Hollin-Busk Horrors pro league clash vith a necromantic team (the brilliantly named the Battenburg Rising - especially with that colour scheme) scoring our winning TD! He vas a lot more useful than the cheaper alternative star player I used to field:

Hack'n'slash vould generally come onto the pitch for 1 turn before getting sent off as the opposition zipped past me to score! Still playing undead, getting my hands on the ball and slovly doing a funeral march up the field was fun and most games vould end in a draw or a vin for the Horrors! I just blocked whenever I could and nearly every player had guard and block. No dodging was ever attempted.  In the end the Undead didn't offer much variety or challenge.

I guess that's vhere the vampire come in. The vampires have strength 4 and agility 4. I can block and dodge, maybe even start thinking about playing a throving game against other tough slow teams. Something different. Vith the added annoyances of Blood Lust and Thralls as my supporting players. Vith the team being re-roll hungry and both re-rolls and vampires being super expensive it's going to take some team management to. But once a vampire team is established (with the pro skill on everyone) its great fun.

Here are the Bite'em'all Ravens in their unpainted glory:

OK as the above shovs I got a bit carried away over the last 3 days and have already fully painted 2 vampires and another 2 that just need highlighting!

Here is my vampire lord (even though these vere taken out for LRB version 5 - I vill use him as my number von vampire). It's nice to paint something dark and foreboding after all those girly elves. It also means my blue paints get a vell deserved rest. The main colour for the vampires vill be black and red (vhat else!). Lots of ink to keep the colours subdued. Their skin however, is Regal Blue layered vith Enchanted blue, Ice blue and then a skull vhite highlights. No inks at all. I think it looks great. Even better in real life, the picture isn't doing it justice.

Compare the Lords skin tones to those of Luthor above (vhich vere done vith inking). I think the new skin paint regime looks much better and vorks as a spot colour. Thoughts? I will probably add a quick touch up of Luthor's skin to my November target.

I have also completed the female vampire. Introducing Bella (I'm not a Twilight junkie I svear)

 The metal armour on the vampire has a brovn vash to make it look old and rusty.

So that's the team. Time to get those boring Thralls done!

Varhammer battle against Craig's Tomb Kings next. Expect a battle report soon!

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