Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Hisime (Noiembrie)

Well I met my November target. I introduce the:

Here are all 27 miniatures (and a ball) that make up the team I will be using in the 2012 WFC Blood Bowl league (some of you may remember my re-usable display stand):

 and the close up:

Time for a tour of the team.

First and foremost is the team manager: Count Kennerley XVIII'th Earl of the Busk. That's a skull goblet full of blood he is spilling as he watches the team score their first TD. He is a Reaper Miniature model that looked perfect for the role.

Next up the main players, the vampires:

There are 6 of them, the final model is a duplicate of the fella on the left. Their position number is hand painted in roman numerals onto their knee plate.

The vampires are going to fail the occasional blood lust roll (1/6 chance) so we need some meat and here they are (10 Thralls in all):

Again Roman numerals are hand painted onto the armour plate. The vampire team is going to be quite hard to establish. I see myself loosing quite a few of my first matches which means towards the mid-season I should start seeing quite a lot of inducement money. And that means I need star players. You have already seen Luthor von Drakenburg popping up in a few pictures. Here are the others I painted this month.

I have a Crazy Igor:

And Wilhelm Chaney:

The team will need some sideline support. Starting with a BLOODweiser babe to cope with the inevitable Thrall KO's caused by those failed blood lust rolls:

A cheerleader next, and a guy in a coffin (from my assistant 'black' coach) that will either masquerade as the assistant coach or apothecary (yes a vampire team can take the apothecary) until I get the Reaper Undertaker model.

And as a final addition to the team, some markers that can be used for things such as turn, score and re-roll markers. Or extra Cheerleaders or... well whatever. They are fairly generic.

Extra points if you can tell what is hand painted onto that final gravestone!

As if 27 models in 1 month wasn't enough I also promised to base my old Skaven team. Here are the 13 standard models on the work-station. A fairly easy job, static grass with a white line and then the edge of the base painted brown to add contrast. Much better than the plain Goblin Green they were before (See those earlier posts people):

For the Skaven mutants and Rat Ogre I wanted something a little different so decided to add some warp-stone. My first attempt at warp stone and I am really quite chuffed with it:

So there you have it. 27 Models for the Bite'em'all Ravens team and another 18 models based. Don't expect this much in December. I'll be lucky if I get my black coach completed.



  1. Intoarce- very droll sir. Excellent painting by the way.

  2. Excellent work all very nice indeed.

  3. Me gusta mucho! I'll be even less likely to play you at bb now though... As you were always the awkward one you're due round mine ;-)

  4. Yeah but I always offered a free lift home, does the same offer stand ;)