Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Ed' i'ear ar' elenea!

That hurt. Last night I played host to a pitched 2000 point battle against Lee's Warriors of Chaos. As it was probably our last game before he heads for warmer lands (he must of had enough of those Northern wastes) we decided to include an additional 700 points worth of Characters. This was mainly so Lee could field Archaon at 695 points. I decided to try Teclis and the rest of the extra points were spent on a mounted prince to support my usual large unit of Silver Helms. As advised I took Lore of Metal with Teclis and 2 Bolt Throwers in an vain attempt to get through all that Chaos armour. As you can probably tell by my tone... it didn't quite pan out that way. In fact if I hadn't of turned up to command the High Elves they would of lasted longer just standing there like statues. Both luck and tactics evaded me.

I took plenty of photos but am leaving Lee to post the detailed battle report so he can brag... and he deserves to; not 1 High Elf was left standing. Ouch!

My strategy was to keep Archaon busy with a couple eagles. Block his movement and generally slow him down while I worked my magic (Metal to lower his armour and High Magic to rip apart his magical weapons so my mounted units stood a chance against him). My archers and sea-guard would shoot at the weak dogs and marauders (something that in fairness did work out for me), while the Silver Helms went around breaking his other stronger units. In fairness I had no idea what to do with the Sword Masters and they spent the game cowering in the pub!

Although I got a good spanking (which I enjoyed when the spanker is a true Gentleman) I learnt...

1) I have no idea how to use Eagles as a blocking unit. I would put them straight in front so that Archaon and his unit could run after me while I fled - towards my other units - DOH!
2) To move characters out of units about to be charged. I left Teclis in the unit of Sea Guard when I full well knew Archaon would get to charge them. DOH!
3) To ask my opponent if he has unbreakable units and to stay away from them. My Silver Helms which should be unit breakers spent most of the game trying to break an unbreakable Hell Cannon which was tougher than the pork scratchings at the Riverside Cafe. DOH!

Silly mistakes, and some really bad rolls for my Bolt Throwers an Magic (1 round saw Teclis roll 1,1,2,3 for a 12+ cast spell) sealed my fate.

So I think more warhammer practise is in order (who's next, come on I'll ave ya) and maybe I'll fly out to Aus for the re-match! Grrrr!

As an aside I did manage to snap a picture of my entire painted Elf force. It's been 1 year since my first 8th edition game with Craig. Not bad progress for 1 year. Still plenty more to do!

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