Sunday, 27 November 2011

Acestea sunt în scădere ca muştele

It has been a while since my last blog update. Not that another Warhammer loss put me off wargames and panting, I have just been rather busy getting my vampires done and playing more boardgames. I managed to get the players done fairly early on this month and have been concentrating on sideline figures to support the team.

This started with a bit of a makeover for Luthor von Drakenburg. When you saw him last (see a few posts earlier) I didn't like the skin tone (Skull white with a blue wash) or overall highlights. He was done a few years back when I didn't have the range of blue paints I picked up for my High Elves. The vampires in the team are painted regal blue, with a layer of enchanted blue and ice blue before a highlight of skull white. It looked far better than the paint job Luthor had. So I dipped him in some Dettol and striped him down for his make-over. Here are the before and after shots! Luthor is now more defined, evil looking and confident (I feel like Gok Wang)!

I still need to finish the bases on all the team, but they should easily be finished for the November results post on Tuesday.

So what about sideline miniatures? I've been working on those since finishing the Thralls. I'll leave the majority as a surprise for the final November post (bet you can't wait), but thought I would tantalise your taste buds with this picture.

Seemed as apt model. Anyone know where he is from? Yep the Vampire Counts Black Coach model. This fits the team perfectly, 1, it has this rather smashing vampire in a coffin I will use as an apothecary and 2 it comes with a massive coach (my assistant coach - see what I did there, brilliant). I wont have time to complete the coach but am adding the coffin to my months target (I'll have more use for an apothecary in the first few games of the new season.

I actually wanted to use the Reaper Mini's Undertaker as my apothecary:

But with the Wife's maternity money drying up I am short on funds. Maybe Santa will get me one for being a good boy this year.

I am also adding the re-basing of my Skaven team to my target for the month. Loki may borrow the team for the 2011 WFC  Blood Bowl season. I painted the team back when they were originally released in the 90s. They were the last models I painted before downing tools and trying to be cool. I was immensely proud of them back then. When I recently started painting and playing Blood Bowl again I finished the team with the edition of a rat ogre and the mutants. I copied my old paint job to maintain the consistency of the team. The old models still look OK but could be better... starting with the bases. Here is the team as they stand:

Notice Luthor there trying to get in on the shot. Show off! I will just be adding grass and maybe some warp stone to justify the mutations. Here are a few close ups:

So that's a few more extras that I can squeeze in before the festive period begins and my painting time becomes limited. See you in a few days for the progress post and results!

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