Monday, 3 October 2011

Pilin en' templa

Here we go again.

So October, whats happening, well we are on holiday for 1 week. There is also Halloween to prepare for - lots of baking of scary looking cakes (locally known as eye-ball cakes... see what I did there) for the kids! Anyway back on topic. Last month I came joint 4th in the competition. There were some amazing entries and everyone painted a whole lot more than me so it was a fair result.

 I have been told to "Be more ambitious! 120 elves painted to your standard. YOU CAN DO IT!". I still need to paint some core units so I can field larger and larger army sizes. So with all this in mind I going for:

1) 12.0 fully painted High Elf Archers (that's what Lee meant I think)
2) The "Reavers Return Inn" sign. 

The Archers are currently in bits:

I am going to convert the unit champion with extra bits (head, arms and cloak) from the High Elf Dragon set. My plan is to base him with arrows stuck in the ground in-front of him (as his cloak makes a quiver unusable). I struggling to think of something to use as arrows. Any ideas? I don't have or have ever used "Green stuff".

The rest of the unit will be straight rank and file models for the moment.

That's all folks!


  1. Generally brass rod and paper for the feathers are used to make arrows. I did some a while back and its fiddly but looks good.

  2. getting the paper on the brass must be a right pain.

  3. Not really. Use bigger than you need when you stick it and trim down afterwards.

  4. I use brass rod or fuse wire an milliput for arrows. making a small sausage with the milliput chop a chunk off and thread onto end of wire, once it has start to set (bit too sticky before) I lightly score with my scalpel

  5. Alternatively, you could use pre-moulded plastic arrows stuck into the ground such as appear on the Bretonnian Archer sprues...

    Not as converty, but a damn sight easier! :)