Sunday, 30 October 2011


This Month I managed to meet my proposed targets and a few extras. My target for October was a 12 strong unit of High Elf Archers and the Inn sign for my continuing scenery project. A small target but I was on Holiday during October. That meant a bit of time without the brush to please the current Everqueen.

Here are the 12 Archers. Front and back so you can see the quivers:

The miniatures are magnetised and I complete the movement tray when I base the models. The unit includes a converted (from the various left over bits of Elf and a donated set of arrows) unit Champion (a.k.a. Hawkeye):

Previous posts have shown the Inn sign (Reavers Return Inn):

I had time for some extras (but was working on these till the last minute). I manged to complete 2 Bolt Throwers and crew.

Here is a close up of the crew. Notice the guy on the left with the instructions on how to operate the infernal contraption. Probably explains why my Bolt Throwers always miss!

I also did a little more on the Inn. An owners sign (and a particular favorite of mine):

Can you see what I did there? A nice homage I hope you agree.

Here is the sign in position above the archway at the rear of the building:

So that's it. Not a bad hoard. 16 Models, 2 Bolt Throwers and 2 hand-painted signs.

I'm testing all this fire power on Tuesday in a pitched battle against Lee's Chaos. We are playing 2000 points + a character. See you in November with the battle report and a change of direction for my painting targets!

Happy Halloween.


  1. Can't I just duck when you fire those things?
    Your painting makes me jealous... So i'm gonna get those nice white cloaks all dirty for you Tuesday ;-)

  2. You ever tried bending over when burdened down with Chaos Armour?

  3. That's a suggestive comment for someone whose troops wear dresses!

  4. It's not a dress it's a David beckham serrong!