Thursday, 27 October 2011

Lle naa curucuar

Not exactly tomorrow... but still an update:

So we have 4 days left of October. Time for some extras. To keep with this month's ballistic theme I'm trying to get finished 2 Bolt Throwers and crew. In recent nights I have undercoated them in Chaos black and started the base-coats. Here they are in their current state -

Bit of work to do in the few days I have left. Gulp!

In other news I finally managed to bag myself an Alarielle (High Elf Everqueen) model on flea-Bay. Ok her rule set is not in the current High Elf Army Book but I think it's a great miniature and will use her as a High Elf Archmage for my army. Finally living up to my army's girly reputation! The photo below doesn't do justice to the reasonable paint job the previous owner did... but even so, she is Red and needs re-painting with the Blue theme I have going on. So time to get the Dettol out!

Gaming during the last few weeks has been away from the Warhammer world. Craig and JP kindly offered to show me the new Dark-ages skirmish game: Saga. The introduction I received suggested it is a very light wargame. It is played on a 3*4' board. The first game I played was a straight 3 point battle. Each army had a warlord, a unit of 4 elite warriors, 8 normal warriors and 12 peasants. A total of 25 models (but could be as little as 13 if your just fielded Elites).  I played Anglo-Danes, JP played as Vikings. The game took less than 1 hour. So as you can tell a nice fast pace and perfect for introducing people into war-gaming.

In my opinion the game is a mix between a wargame and a board game. The main mechanic involves rolling a number of (saga) dice equal to the number of units you are commanding +2 dice for your warlord. Depending on what is rolled (symbols are depicted rather than straight numbers 1-6) these can be placed on a game board which has different sections for different army orders (each of the 4 available armies have different options on these boards). These can be spent to do a range of things from simply moving your units, to enhancing their combat or defense values.

Combat, at the basic level, is very simple.  Roll above an enemy armour value to hit, hits made against you can be saved by rolling above your own armour value. These 'combat' values can be altered depending on the 'saga' dice placement and weapon choice.

What is unusual is the inclusion of a 'Fatigue' mechanic. If your units move more than once, or are involved in combat they receive a fatigue marker, which when in combat your enemy can spend to lower your armour value or increase their own. It also appears to be a scenario type game. After the straight battle (which I of course lost) I played a game where I had to destroy a baggage caravan. Craig had to move at least 2 'baggage' from one end of the battle field to the other. Again I lost. Although losing both games I did enjoy the game and look forward to trying it again! JP was telling me Gripping Beast (the UK distributor) are already planning expansions which would include further armies, including Scottish. I fancy trying my hand at painting a nice Fergusson tartan (the clan from which my family descends!) on some models so might start building a small war-band when I finish the Elves.

Continuing to waffle about stuff other than Elves... I've also been playing a few more Boardgames than usual this month. I was finally convinced to give Arkham Horror spin off: Mansions of Madness, a try. I have an uncontrollable hatred towards Arkham Horror. I can't explain why it just doesn't gel with me. Maybe my experiences have been bad but I just find it a repetitive game of finding an open 'gate', closing said gate, repeat until large Monster appears. Fight. All over 2-3 hours. Ergh. So my initial thoughts were concern when I was invited to try Mansions of Madness. This needn't have been the case though. It was rather a fun game and I'm looking forward to trying it again. It's a story driven game based around a modular Mansion. I like modular games for their replayability. When we play again I'll try and take pictures for various updates etc.
Admittedly, Mansions of Madness is not as good as my favorite game of the moment: Braggart.

You sit in "The Heroes Return", a tavern famed for its heroic clientele. You're not a hero, but you talk a good game. You and your friends are holding court, regaling the crowds with your tales of daring-do. Can you fight your way through a drunken haze to concoct the best boast? The most believable? Or at least ones that are funny? Or will you be called out as the liar you are? Its a card game that plays in around 30 minutes. Cards are divided into Scenes, Deeds, Foes and Results. To boast you must play at least a deed and a foe. Each card has a value and the boast with the highest valued cards (your can set the scene and result of your story to keep points high) wins the round. Very quick and simple. The "Liar" mechanic adds a nice twist where you can declare a boast a lie and swap a high valued card for a low one. However, what makes this game are the funny stories that the cards can generated. In a game on Tuesday we heard tales of:

"wearing nothing but my modesty and a pair of boots (the scene), I posed for a portrait with (the deed), a beautiful amazonian warrior (the foe), and now barmaids all around cannot resist me (the result)."

This destroyed my boast:

"I woke up next too (the deed), a terrified street urchin (the foe)". Oh dear! Not a thing to BRAG about!

A great filler game, with a fantasy theme which with the right group of friends and create some great laughs. Especially with the odd alcoholic drink involved. What's more its pretty cheap. Only £6.99. Its produced by Spiral Games (which has something to do with GamesLore I think) and won best card game at the UK games expo in Birmingham in the summer.

So back to Elves... I'll post the finished models on Sunday!

(N.B. I'm meant to type that I'm currently sat next to Staffwielder the level 4 wizard, whom is carrying a bottle of holy water to re-roll his check against evil - my dad getting back to his D&D days. I wonder where I get it from).

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  1. A very good summing up of Saga, The new figure should look very nice once your magical brush has refined her a little.