Monday, 24 October 2011

An lema?

Well not really... I just haven't had time to update the blog! Honestly.

So with one week left for this months 'Tale of x Gamers' competition I have almost met my proposed target. I have finished (to a highlighted standard) the remaining models for my unit of High Elf archers:

I just need to base the models (including adding some arrows in the ground for the unit champion - Thanks again Kieron!) and then they are complete.

The sign for the Inn is also complete. I went for Kieron's excellent suggestion of "Reavers Return Inn". Notice the gold lettering on green background to keep cannon to our favorite soap. I also painted a horses head and various Elven symbols to keep with army theme:

 I'm still not sure what colour to paint the wooden surround of the sign (and ultimately the wooden beams on the main structure). Here I went for black but brown may better complement the green/gold colouring of the sign. I will see how this project evolves over the next few months.

As with most peoples models these all look better in real life. For example the horse above has some subtle shading that is just washed out here. Photos were taken on the iPhone so are suffering a little with bad optics. My final months 'show' photo will be back on the normal camera (which I left at the in-laws).

So with these all 'complete' it leaves me with a bit of extra time to do some extras. Think I will try and get 2 Bolt Throwers (& Crew) completed. I should easily be able to field a 2000 point army to take on Chaos and Bretonnian armour then! I'll update with a picture tomorrow. Also have some gaming news... excited?


  1. Nice sign personally I would have gone browns with the frame so as to be more like natural wood, this would stand out against the building and highlight the green better.

  2. So go for brown timber on the building too?

  3. I think the wood on the inn should be darker like the sign. Other that it's all excellent as usual.

    In terms of playing Lee, don't play nice, take the Lore of Metal. Rich wouldn't listen and got slaughtered.