Sunday, 9 October 2011

Esta sinome

A quick progress update before I head for Filey and a nice break with the family (that means NO painting). Anyway the core unit of 12 archers is coming along nicely. I have already completed 6 miniatures:

I'm still to base these models but that shouldn't take long and I'll do the whole unit all at once. Also they are missing their arrow quivers. Have the bits just need to paint them. The guy in the middle will be my Hawkeye (unit champion). He was converted from lots of spare bits I had lying around from the High Elf Dragon kit and a unit of spearmen.

His flowing cloak means I can't fit a quiver on his back so I was going to sculpt some arrows to stick in the ground in front of the model (as described in my last post). But looks like Kieron has saved me a job. He has some spare arrows from the Bretonnian Peasant archers so that will save me a job. Cheers ears.

So it seems my progress this far this month has been fair; 6 Models in 9 days. But wait there's more. I have also base coated the remaining 6 archer models and started to paint the 'Reaver's Return Inn' sign:

Just need to add Snakebite Leather and Deneb Stone to their hair and then I can ink them and highlight them up. Only away for 1 week so should easily meet this month's target meaning I can hopefully fit some extras in. Any ideas what?

Guess I need to apologise for the camera work here. It's late. I don't want to set up the usual table. I think the large block of white on the skirts is really reflecting the flash in these conditions and the Macro setting can't compensate. Still you get the idea.

Enjoy your week. I know I will. Maybe I'll buy some rock to dish out at the November meet.


  1. I thought the new photos were on purpose. Very moody and dramatic :-D
    As ever great painting. How many points do you have painted up now?

  2. Can field 2000 points easily now.