Thursday, 29 September 2011


Well I did manage to meet my September targets.

1) 7 Sea Guard:

These 7 models complete my full unit of 28 Sea Guard. As pointed out in a previous post I had the free hand 4 of the Shields:

This is the comparative shot (before I based them). Left - the plastic moulded GW shield. Right - my free hand attempt. With funky Elven rune to break up the white.

2) My other aim was to construct an Inn/Tavern to adorn the battle field. I'm really pleased with how this has turned out.

This is all made from cardboard, metal meshing from a document tray and wooden tea stirrers from McDonald's. Keep a look out for the detail on the doors and windows. Also check out the sign:

Kieron won the naming comp - I'm going to call it the Reavers Return Inn. The flaps at the bottom of the structure are for basing purposes once I have completed the project by painting it.

This name sign is connected with two tiny magnets to the main building meaning I can change it depending on which army I'm facing. The Green Orc, The Queen Ariel, The Brewers Droop or maybe The Spread Eagle.


My bonus for this month was the construction of a 4'*4' gaming table top for battles in Deepcar. Not an impressive bonus but very useful. After playing a few games on an octagonal poker table I was becoming increasingly aware of how in-appropriate this shaped gaming table was. So I went square. The battle reports below show off the table.


  1. Very nice sir, love the inn and will be 'inspired' by it very soon. My project for October was going to be a new 4'x4' table but I had to buy some new boots for football instead.

  2. Yeah great pub :) Mines a Guiness please! Suggestion for the wooden beams. If you water down black and paint it on you get an authentic faded look after its dry :)

  3. Very nice Inn, Hope you remembered to have a busty serving wench for us thirsty dwarves :)

  4. He's got an army full of wenches!

    Well...they wear skirts and fight like girls. Will that do?