Friday, 2 September 2011

Rima ten'ta!

Well this guy made it out alive:

Last night the Elves took on the Bretonnians... and to put it simply we got a good pasting! I think the Elves forgot their weapons. Out of 1600 points the only Elves left alive were this Sword Master and a unit of 10 Archers (even these 11 ran as fast as they could away from the Knights of Bretonnia). The only casualties suffered by the brave Bretonnian force were 5 Knights Errant, 6 pilgrims and about 10-14 Men-at-arms. The archers were so ashamed of their high elf commander that they have left for the forest and declared themselves Wood Elves!

So where did it all go wrong... well everywhere. We played the Meeting Engagement scenario. Kieron setup in a tight formation around a sanctum of disorder, leaving only the Pegasus Knights in the open. His Grail Knights and Men-at-arms were off field in reserve:

I had just as much luck with the reserve roll, loosing my BSB and my 21 strong unit of Seaguard. I spread the remaining Elves across the battle line (my first mistake). I used the Sword Masters to try and chase down the Pegasus Knights. My archers were placed mid field to shoot at anything that moved. I placed the Helms close to the edge of the battle field to circle the trees and slam into the Bretonnians. My eagle was behind the Helms ready to swoop into action (I wanted him to take out the Trebuchet).

Kieron prayed giving me first turn. He did vanguard the Pegasus Knights to safety away from the Sword Masters before I got to move. My first turn I moved the Helms into a charging position beside the trees. I forgot to bring on the BSB to compliment the unit (second mistake - and one I kept making until about turn 3). The Sea-guard marched into the mid-field. With nothing notable nearby anymore the Sword Masters made the long march towards the rear of the Sanctum of disorder.

My first magic round should of indicated the warhammer Gods were against me. With Kieron's force setup so tightly it gave me a great opportunity to cast the pit of shades vortex spell. With nothing else to cast I rolled all 4 (yes 4) power dice for the super-charged version - and miscast! Luckily I had the Staff of Solidity so could ignore the miscast. Great a vortex spell on a closely grouped army cast with irresistible force. It scattered off the field! Grrrr....

Shooting was equally ineffective. My archers peppered the Pegasus knights but the arrows bounced off their armour!

The Bretonnian reserves came straight on to support the army in the Sanctum. He moved the Knights Errant towards the archers and the Pegasus Knights towards the Silver Helms:

The Bretonnian magic phase saw a direct damage spell kill a few Helms.

Turn 2 and I charged into the Grail Reliquae & Pilgrims with the Silver Helms (3rd mistake). Again I forgot the BSB leaving the Knights without the battle banner considerably weakened.

As per my usual tactic I cast Okkam's Mindrazor... well I attempted to cast Mindrazor, my arch-mage failed to cast it with 4 power dice and his +4 bonus. Ergh! The Helms saw off a few pilgrims but they were stubborn and so left me caught in the net. Shooting was ineffective.

Kieron retaliated charging both the Grail Knights and the Pegasus Knights into the helms.

They didn't win combat and fled about 6 inches. The Pegasus Knights gave chase 7 inches wiping them all out and bringing them into contact with my eagle! No more magic for me. The eagle lasted just as long as the knights. About 60% of my force was dead by my turn 3.

Meanwhile the Knight Errant were chasing down my archers. We continued to pummel them with arrows but their armour was too strong. We managed to kill 1 as they charged forwarded. The initial charge came against the Archers, who fled (never to reform even though they were close to the BSB - some great dice rolling). The charge was successfully re-directed to the Seaguard.

My Seaguard lasted 1 round of combat before fleeing and again I was overrun by about 1 inch. The Errants were now in the charging arc of my Baron though. My Baron charged and with his battle banner won combat cutting them to pieces as he caught up with the fleeing Bretonnians. However retribution was swift and a direct damage spell killed the Baron outright.

I had 1 unit left by turn 4. The Sword Masters. They had sneaked around the back of the Brettonian army. A little goading (mistake... I've lost count now) aimed towards my opponent stopped him running away with the Men-at-arms. They turned to face me. I charged. The first combat was drawn, the second saw the Masters reduced to the unit champion... who cried "I'm outta here".

A devastating defeat for the High Elves. Next time we bring out the big guns. Kieron deserves bragging rights. He played a great game of warhammer. I feel like I was attempting to play Snakes and Ladders upside down and in a different room.

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