Thursday, 1 September 2011

Malia ten' yulna?

We are still awaiting the final results for the 'Tale of x gamers' competition for August. I have a sneaky feeling that Lee's Chaos army may take this months glittering prize. The war shrine and chariot conversions he did look fantastic. You can see them here:

While we wait time moves on and another month means another set of painting goals. Well it seems a no-brainer that I will complete the final 7 Seaguard. I need to raid my bits box (and other peoples) to complete the final rank. Here is what I'm starting with:

I have 3/4 'Island of Blood' seaguard models but they are missing the right arm and spear. Then I have some spearmen that I can convert with bows etc. Finally I have some spearmen from the old 4th edition of warhammer. I'll see what I can piece together out of this little lot.

I'm trying to reduce the amount I am painting as I am away with work in September and also have a few family shin-digs to organise/attend. So that will probably be it for my High Elves. But I will add some scenery to my ever growing stock for home-brew battles. I was initially going to create an Elven tower that could be utilised in the watch-tower scenario and fit the theme I have going. But as seems the way with painting/modelling projects I have changed my mind. Well a German Barmaid changed my mind. This one in particular:

I painted this model to be a Bloodweiser babe for my Human Blood Bowl team; the Rottenham Redsox. Now I want to use it/her again. I'm going to construct a Tavern/Inn as a piece of battle field scenery. After all aren't the best fights started brawling over a spilt drink or nice looking lady at the bar? I'm going to base the tavern on the card board building from the Warhammer Townscapes book.

I have acquired a copy of this 1988 book (pm me if you would like to erm... sample this old-timer). Obviously I'm not going to just print it out and glue it together, I want to sculpt the piece to give it a little more depth, life and texture. I will adorn the building with suitable figures, ones swigging ale, carrying barrels and generally showing good cheer. Here are a few of the said models:

These are old citadel miniatures. I also have this old Empire Helblaster Volley Gun miniature. He is meant to be carrying gun-powder... but hey, a barrel is a barrel. Just needs highlighting up to a suitable standard.

Willing to accept (and also begging for) any donations (in terms of drunk looking or Inn-keeping miniatures) for the project! To keep with the High-elf theme I was planning to call the Inn

"The Silver Helm & Spear"  

but also happy to accept other name suggestions. I always liked 'Dew Drop Inn'! But not very Elven. 'The White Lion' would fit but is to obvious. Any ideas? Winner gets a wanted posted on the Tavern wall!


  1. ooo nice... wonder if I can get a Jack Duckworth Miniature!

  2. Put some glasses with a plaster on the corner on that barrel carrier.

  3. lol I like it! Don't think I have anything I can donate but i'll be happy to help you smash up the place :D

  4. cheers mate. where did you get that barmaid? I'm looking for her about 2 months now and cant find the mini anywhere...

  5. Impact Miniatures sideline range...

    You can get them at Tritex Games...