Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Time for an update... and to show you all how far behind schedule I am (real life just got in the way).

I have managed to complete (except the bases) the last 7 Sea Guard for my unit of 28:

It's now the 20th September so what has taken me so long. Well I have been away with work a lot this month and after Augusts painting marathon I had to spend some time with the family. But also I ran out of Sea-Guard Shields! So did I order more from Games Workshop? Take a closer look:

The shield on the left is a sculpted version from the "Island of Blood" base set. I didn't order any more sculpted pieces. The shield on the right is my hand painted substitute. Pretty good huh? Well I think so. Basically I copied the motif in Chaos black and then painted in the detail. Took ages but the look is worth it! 4 of the above models have the hand painted Shields.

The keen eyed observer will also notice in the first picture that the Inn/Tavern is also under construction (and a random picture of me and the wife). I'm trying to add a little life to the print out Townscape building. This includes making proper windows out of a stationary tray and also raiding McDonald's for some tea/coffee stirrers to add a Tudor look to the building. I'll also make the doors out of these handy bits of wood (thanks to Kieron for the tip there).

So I'm a little behind and have to hurry along. I have a few more nights out on the town (my socialbly acceptably way to say I'm off gaming!) so may struggle to get this complete.


  1. I thought you said you couldn't paint? Really nice mate.

  2. Your list of titles is getting longer now bud.

    "Dr Aneurin Girly Cheating Elf Esquire, King of the Freehanders"!